Letter to the Editor: There Are No Jews in the Foxholes?

Tzipi Hotovely in 2012
Ofer Vaknin

There are no Jews in the foxholes

In response to "Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Slams U.S. Jews: 'They Never Send Their Children to Fight for Their Country'" (Haaretz and JTA, Nov 23). 

When I read Tzipy Hotovely's, Israel’s deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, recent criticism of American Jewish families for not sending their sons and daughters to enlist in the U.S. military, I thought, where have I heard that before? Then it hit me: it was Howard W. Campbell, Jr!

Campbell was a fictional character in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel "Mother Night," an American playwright living in Germany and recruited just before WWII to spy for the Americans. Told to climb as high as possible within the Nazi ranks, Campbell chose to become a Nazi propagandist. Here’s a sample of the hateful anti-Semitic propaganda he broadcast from Berlin to the American soldiers fighting WWII:

“There are no Jews in the foxholes. The Jews are all too busy counting merchandise in the Quartermaster Corps or money in the Finance Corps or selling black-market cigarettes and nylon in Paris to ever come closer to the front than a hundred miles.

You folks at home, you parents, and relatives of boys at the front Do you know of a single Jewish family that has received a telegram from Washington, once the capital of a free people - do you know of a single Jewish family that has received a telegram from Washington that begins, “The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son”?

Hotovely and her ilk constantly attack progressive Jews as “self-hating,” for protesting Israeli policy against Palestinians, but then have no problem disseminating popular white nationalist talking points against American Jews. Too bad Tzipi Hotovely is not a fictional character.

Iftach Shavit
Somerville, Massachusetts