Letter to the Editor: StandWithUs Is a Nonpartisan Voice for Israel

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StandWithUs ad attacking Palestinian Authority.Credit: StandWithUs

In response to “The Commander Behind the pro-Israel Student Troops on U.S. College Campuses,” March 15

We appreciate many of the points made about StandWithUs in Judy Maltz’s article. There are, however, a few issues we need to address.

First, we want to clarify again that we are nonpartisan. Our board of directors, donors, staff and supporters are from all over the political spectrum. They come together in the StandWithUs family because they believe in the work we do as an education organization. We are also proud that today we partner with a diverse array of groups who share our commitment to pro-Israel activism on campuses and in communities.

Our Israel office is staffed by Israelis – not Americans as the article claimed. Our diverse team runs educational seminars for their fellow citizens and brings in speakers from across the political spectrum, including Ari Shavit, Einat Wilf, Nitzan Horowitz and others.

Contrary to the article, StandWithUs executives are at the bottom of the scale in terms of salary among comparable Jewish nonprofits, according to the most recent studies by The Forward.

Finally, the notion that we “plant” students at anti-Israel events where their presence “provokes ugly outbursts” is baseless. If anti-Israel activists engage in ugly outbursts in response to the mere presence of opposing voices, that is their responsibility, not ours.

The students we work with on North American campuses are already pro-Israel leaders. We exist to empower them, and are guided by their needs and aspirations, not vice versa.

Roz Rothstein
CEO and co-founder

Los Angeles