Letters to the Editor Netanyahu Is a Danger to U.S. and Israel

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Netanyahu is a danger to Israel and U.S.

Regarding “Netanyahu tells U.S. Congress: This deal paves Iran’s path to the bomb” (March 4)

Virtually no country’s leader ever gets to speak to Congress even once, but Benjamin Netanyahu has, three times. Far from being discriminated against, he is a beneficiary of classic pro-Israeli-right double standards and favoritism.

More sanctions against Iran would not work but only increase tensions, which Netanyahu knows. From the outset he hasn’t really been after sanctions, despite his deceitful rhetoric, but to drag America into war – a war a thousand times more dangerous than any Mideast war we have ever fought. A war fought for his selfish, delusional, sake, rather than for either our own or Israel’s good; a war that would deplete the blood and treasure of all America – of numberless American families from both political parties.

It would also be a nightmare for Israel, too, as it would explode the whole Middle East, skyrocket extremism on all Muslim “streets,” including Iran’s. And then Iran or a sympathizer would bide its time until it or a proxy stole or obtained on the black market rogue nuclear arms, to make Israel its – purely in retaliation – first target.

Negotiations are the only alternative. Ancient Troy was blind enough to let a Trojan horse in once. How blind are we in the United States to let another dangerous Trojan horse – the demagogic Mr. Netanyahu – into the U.S. Congress three times?

James Adler
Cambridge, MA



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