Letters to the Editor: Wrong Read of Obama

President Barack Obama boarding Air Force One in Chicago, October 2016.
President Barack Obama boarding Air Force One in Chicago, October 2016. Paul Beaty/AP

Wrong read of Obama

In response to “Rating Barack Obama’s time in the White House,” Jan. 6, 2017 

I believe that both Barack and Michelle Obama will be very much missed after they leave the White House and it is taken over by Donald Trump (if he agrees to live in a place that housed an African American family). 

How can Taly Krupkin and Asaf Ronel so easily overlook the progressive moves made during the Obama administration in lowering the national debt; increasing employment; working to control climate change and decrease pollution; trying to get a reasonable affordable health-care act passed; and having to compromise due to the objections of the Republican-dominated Congress – not to mention the support, military and financial, that he has given Israel despite the friction between him and our prime minister. And Obama’s efforts on behalf of the LGBT community, his strong stand for women’s rights, and – right or wrong – his concern about getting more American troops involved in wars and strife in the various countries in which these horrors are taking place.

How many times does an American president have to be stabbed in the back every time he attempts to make some progress toward a workable peace agreement between us and the Palestinians? Why do we insist that the Palestinians come to the table without preconditions, when we ask that they not bother to come if they refuse to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, which to me sounds like a precondition? 

I am not one of those who believes that the settlement expansion is not an obstacle to peace, and if Obama saw fit to abstain from the United Nations vote, perhaps he had good cause. I also believe that John Kerry laid the cards on the table regarding all the issues that stand in the way of a two-state solution, while warning of the consequences of forming one state, especially if Israel continues to deny the Palestinians the rights of citizenship, including all the benefits and responsibilities that status requires. Kerry also called on the Palestinian Authority to put an end to violence and terror – and we see it escalating on all sides, [with] extremists taking advantage of the situation.

I have concern for the future – of the United States of America, and, therefore, of Israel as well.

Judy Telman

Mevasseret Zion

Misleading innuendo

The article on President Barack Obama and the [writers’] analysis present a biased view with misinformation, incomplete facts and misleading innuendo, as follows:

1) The Affordable Care Act never targeted the elderly who are covered by Medicare.

2) Obama’s Muslim ancestry? His father left his life at an early age, and implying that Islam was central in his life is totally misleading, as well as inciting and biased.

3) To insinuate that Obama is responsible for the rise of the Tea Party and/or Trump’s election victory displays ignorance of the U.S. political process and diversity.

4) To castigate him for executions without trial is hypocrisy in view of multiple deaths in Israel of so many in the same situation.

5) To neglect his support – such as negotiating more money for Israel than any other president, as well as [casting] more vetoes of anti-Israel resolutions than any other president – is also misleading.

6) To call the Iran deal, which has reduced the nuclear threat to Israel, as merely strengthening Iran shows incomplete information and is misinformation.

After eight years of integrity, intelligence and dignity in the White House, and after a few years of Trump’s “support,” we will all regret not applauding Obama’s attempt to save Israel from itself.

Dorothy Fajans

Heroic U.S. Senators

In response to “Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem,” Jan. 4

Three U.S. senators should be blessed. They are pushing very hard for the U.S. Embassy to be finally moved to Jerusalem... It is a signal to the whole world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. We should take a lesson in courage from these senators and speak out, finally saying that what was voted on was a distortion of truth and violates Christian theology. A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a hero only one. 

Thank God for the three senators! I pray for all those who have lost their moral conscience in their zeal to hate Israel.

Toby Willig