Letters to the Editor: Gideon Levy Is Always Looking for Scapegoat

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

In addition to reporting on the human rights violations of Palestinians living under Israeli  occupation, Gideon Levy also comments regularly on the political situation in Israel. Contrary to his investigative journalism on the West Bank, his op-eds are provocative to the extreme and damage the reputation of Haaretz.

His latest piece (“The anti-Bibi camp was neutered by Lapid”), published the day after the signing of the notorious Netanyahu­-Gantz coalition agreement, deserves a prize for misleading and biased journalism.

Levy doesn’t mention a word about Benjamin Netanyahu having been indicted on three charges of fraud, breach of trust and corruption. He doesn’t mention that Benny Gantz betrayed all those who voted for him. For him Lapid is more guilty than anyone for Israel’s political crisis and other failures. 

“If he [Lapid] is the alternative, then the original [Netanyahu] is preferable,” Levy writes. He points out Lapid’s past, when he joined Netanyahu’s government. Apparently, you can not learn from your mistakes. Today, Lapid has risen to the challenge and become the true opposition leader that Israel so badly needs. He kept his promises to voters and delivered a passionate speech full of truths last week. 

But Levy can’t change his views on Israel. He is not interested in saving the country from its corrupt politicians and solving the many problems which endanger its future.

In an article in Haaretz on March 17, 2019 he questioned the existence of a shared Jewish national identity. At a press conference in Brussels (April 2, 2019), he said that “The occupation is a non-issue in the elections and a solution is further away than ever. Even if Netanyahu would be replaced, the policy will not change. Only the outside world can force Israel to change policy.”

Levy admits that the one-state solution would spell the end of the dream of Israel but doesn’t care if the Jews in a one-state or binational state would become a minority at which point the Palestinian majority might abolish democratic institutions.

If Levy’s one-state solution is inspired by the EU model, he is obviously wrong. The EU is made up of sovereign nation-states.Levy has never explained why Israel, of all countries in the world, should be the first one to abolish itself and experiment with binational state-building. Lapid and any other politician who wants to keep Israel safe while striving for peace with the Palestinians will always become Levy’s scapegoat.

Mose Apelblat, Brussels

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