Let Bibi and Obama Trade Jobs

What chance does a candidate like Obama have of being elected here?

The analysts who eat from the horse's mouth testify that he is intelligent. But what is horse sense worth when the result is totally asinine?

True, he is the one who put the Iranian headache directly into the heads of the international community - and this is to his credit - but meanwhile all those near and far have responded by begging him to calm down, lest he jump out of a high window and we all get smashed.

Something doesn't jibe here: After all, this American president - he and none other - has given us everything we have requested, and we always have requests, plenty of them. Even the Iron Dome anti-missile system would not have covered our bare heads were it not for him. What else can America do for its ally that it has not yet done? Did the United States not over-extend itself when it vetoed the acceptance of a Palestinian state as a member of the United Nations, given that it supports the establishment of such a state? Did it not turn a blind eye to the construction in the settlements which it views as a violent and illegal act that will delay a peace arrangement? Did they not take care of all our requests even during a period of shortage and cuts, and did they hold back anything from us?

This is the president who received the Israeli prime minister every time he popped over to the United States to make a beautiful speech, to castigate his hosts, to reproach the entire world. He, the host, did so even though he can't tolerate the guest and doesn't believe a word he says.

Something here is illogical and very unfair. Who knows better than the intelligent Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel without America is adrift in the world? And he knows that without America there can be no attack on Iran because Israel simply cannot do so by itself. And he should know that the Jewish majority supports Barack Obama and they find it difficult to understand what Bibi wants from their president, who anyway is having a very hard time and against whom all the madmen of the world have united. Is Netanyahu also one of the madmen? And all of America remembers what the last few wars have done to it, and they have had enough.

Yet precisely on the anniversary of the Twin Towers disaster, and when four American diplomats were murdered, and at a time when the whole world was on fire, precisely then Benjamin Netanyahu attacked his benefactor like some suicide bomber.

Something here is out of place. It is not logical that people who are in the know, both here and abroad, are opposed to an Israeli attack now, while Netanyahu chooses to assault our last stronghold of assistance and support. This mystery obliges me to examine what is beyond my comprehension and yours. I was never a supporter of conspiracy theories because what seems like a conspiracy is usually nothing but a matter of unfortunate coincidence or just stupidity. But suddenly, against my better nature, I am suspicious.

Perhaps Netanyahu has no choice, perhaps he is forced to act as if he were mad, perhaps he has to bow to a dictate aimed at overthrowing Obama at any cost, even at the expense of vital Israeli interests. It is no longer possible to hide the triple thread - Mitt, Bibi and Sheldi. And it is not possible to keep secret the profit of billions of dollars that Sheldon Adelson can expect, as the news agencies reported this week, if Romney is elected president and puts into effect his tax policies. And we naive folk thought that it was only the good of Israel now and in the future that was his guiding light and that his $100 million contribution to Mitt was merely altruistic. How many more times will we be proven wrong before we grow up?

This trans-Atlantic financial connection has caused an idea to germinate in my mind. Would it not be possible to exchange one of them for the other, like castles on a chess board? The Republicans in America would get Netanyahu and the liberals in Israel would get Obama. That is our man and that is the man for us. He tries to keep his head, as well as his heart a bit, in an overheated and brainwashed reality. It's not a bad idea, but it's a little ridiculous, because what chance does a candidate like Obama have of being elected here?