Enough Condemnations, Israelis

The 'sharp condemnations' of Jewish terror have lost their value and become empty gestures. Who are they trying to impress? Certainly not the murderers, for whom the storm of rebuke only puts more wind in their sails.

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Israeli peace activists hold a candle in the Dawabsheh family's home in the West Bank village of Duma, site of the fatal arson attack by suspected Jewish extremists.Credit: AFP

When the man who “at the moment is irreplaceable” is asked for an uplifting moment he always plummets; it’s as if he has been asked to prove that no nadir is too deep. And he pulls us all down with him.

Any golem is beloved of his creator until he rises up against him. And if this happened to the Maharal, who forgot to shut down the golem before the Sabbath, it will certainly happen to the one who was afraid to dismantle his in time, before it went wild, before those from the Torah and the hills rose up against him and against us; they are all Benjamin Netanyahu’s handiwork.

Once he was a sorcerer and they were his apprentices. Today they are independent, uncontrollable and no longer need inspiration from above and instructions for operation to pour buckets of oil on the fire. And what will the broom do? It has nothing to do: When the Arabs come in droves, they also sometimes start to burn; that’s how to ignite things.

And with what do we extinguish it? A bomb, which is our life and our death, which will save him and us from all troubles? Netanyahu has a black book of his own in which he writes, and he will never come to terms with double-bookkeeping; justice must be seen in the writing. He sends his nudnik in the United Nations to Ban Ki-moon to extract a word of condemnation; and he catches Abu Mazen in a square named after a martyr to goad him for his malicious silence.

And how long must Netanyahu wait after a hit-and-run terror attack or a stabbing until the leftists are so kind as to break the tie between us and them; a moral tie means Israel loses. What does the left think when it gives the victims of no-peace a hard time; that we have forgotten its “victims of peace”? Bibi will immediately post a diatribe that exposes their hypocrisy: What can be expected from bitter people who have forgotten what it is to be Jews; from collaborators who break through the road to Jerusalem for Hezbollah?

And the gripes go on: The president complains that he did not hear a sufficiently harsh response from the government to the attacks against him; while Netanyahu’s bureau notes with severity that the president did not give a proper Zionist, democratic response to incitement against the prime minister. Bring on the condemnations and the condemnations of the condemnations, condemn me and I’ll condemn you back, because how else will we know what should be admired and what should be despised; as if we never ate from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, despite God’s prohibition.

When will Netanyahu and his apprentices understand that there is a difference: more is expected of the most moral country and the army of ethicist Asa Kasher, and you can’t hold the rifle at both ends. If only Netanyahu would insist on levying taxes from corporations, minerals and chemicals the way he insists on levying lip service.

Those who run people down with vehicles and stab them would also prefer a sniper’s rifle, which shoots people in the back from a safe distance. But that’s what they have at the moment – cars and knives. The victims of the hit-and-run terror attacks are the children of all of us, but they are also the soldiers of all of us, who could have protected us and themselves better from here and not from there. And the golem – as long as it still breathes – holds them with all its might, and will not let them go home.

The “sharp condemnations” have lost their value and become empty gestures. Who are they trying to impress? Certainly not the murderers, for whom the storm of rebuke only puts more wind in their sails.

This column therefore declares an end to the season of condemnations. The public is requested to assume ahead of time that any act of terror is unacceptable in principle, no matter what its motives or methods; and it is not necessary to condemn the condemnable every time – every person of culture and conscience knows it. This column hereby announces it is shutting down condemnations and it doesn’t care who condemns it for doing so.

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