Election Watch / Second-hand Endorsements

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There are a lot of embarrassing moments in these election spots. When Netanyahu says: "Every decision I will make will be for the good of the country," it is very embarrassing. Until we heard this pledge pass his lips, we had not considered otherwise.

Or when Barak says every evening: "I love this country." One's stomach turns over. Who needs such declarations of love, unless there is some doubt? Or when Livni says: "Israel is my home." Did anyone ever suspect her of maintaining a home in Switzerland or a second passport? So why be so obsequious?

And there are ridiculous moments: When people are grabbed on the street, their faces suitably varied, told what to say, the nub of a sentence extracted from them, praising this or that candidate. "I used to think Bibi was a monster but now I know he's the only man in the cabinet"; or "Barak has proven himself lately."

The most ridiculous are the moments reserved for interested parties: Itzik, Hanegbi, Dichter and Bar-On, wholeheartedly recommending Livni - what a surprise; Steinitz, Livnat and Ya'alon will also surprise viewers with their warm endorsement of Netanyahu, strengthened by Meridor, who looks lately as if he had ingested a dose of listeria with his last Ma'adanot pizza.

Pines-Paz, Braverman, Herzog and Yachimovich praising Barak - yet another surprise. Were these not comrade Avishay and comrade Shelly, who just three years ago endorsed comrade Amir Peretz, with the same enthusiasm? Would you buy a used endorsement from these people?