Defending the Jewish People

Incitement against the Africans, which Netanyahu only weakly criticized, is another aspect of the crushing of the state, the law and the definition of citizenship.

"If the talks fail, we will do what is necessary to defend the Jewish People," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying in a closed forum, refering to the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the six major powers.

Nothing new there. Back in April 2010, Netanyahu, in an interview with the American network ABC, used the exact same words. Thus Netanyahu is continuing the process of turning the State of Israel from a sovereign state into a tool to be exclusively used to "defend the Jewish People." In this process, Netanyahu is the "Jews' minister," a kind of broader head of the Jewish community, who in the past would negotiate with the ruling gentiles seeking to do us ill.

The revolution Netanyahu is initiating is not just one of perception; it's deep, extending its roots to all areas of our lives, and above all, it's methodical.

To understand the method all you need to do is look at the three areas in which Netanyahu, with the help of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and, of course, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, is fashioning policy. All three are being painted in the eyes of the public as being uncontrollable, almost cosmic: The settlements, the African migrants and the Iranian nuclear threat. These areas don't seem to have anything to do with one another, but taken together they are producing a dramatic and dangerous change.

How are these three issues connected to each other? And how are the three of them connected to turning Israel into a tool in the hands of some ethereal "Jewish People?"

Well, the settlements are a fait accompli that hardly any Israeli still believes can actually be removed, Migron and Ulpana Hill in Beit El included. (So there was a ruling by the High Court of Justice, so what? To expel Jews from their homes? After the trauma of Gush Katif? No way! )

The African refugees are "invading en masse" and threatening to assimilate the populace, and the government, with its warm Jewish heart, seems helpless to deal with it.

And the Iranian nuclear threat - well, that's an exact replica of Hitler and Nazism. In short, nebech, the Jewish destiny.

But this is exactly how this government works. After all, the scofflaws who settled on privately owned land in the territories could have been offered alternative places to live almost anywhere, since according to this government's worldview - and that of all its predecessors - all the settlements sitting on occupied land were actually erected on "state land" and are strictly kosher (not according to international law, but no one bothers to take that into account, in this instance and many others ).

So why didn't the government do this? At best, it's helpless, but this powerlessness is leading to a disgraceful disregard for the law. But that plays right into the current holy mission of the extremist settlers - to eradicate Israeli democracy in favor of the Jewish state they want to see here, and to see Jewish law triumph over Israeli law.

The incitement against the Africans, which Netanyahu only weakly criticized, is another aspect of the crushing of the state, the law and the definition of citizenship, with the aim of establishing an ethnocentric Jewish society here.

Instead of courageously deciding to give civil status to a defined group of migrants who are refugees by any world standard, and closing the borders to those who aren't refugees, the government prefers confusion and foot-dragging, which embitters the lives of the residents of weak neighborhoods no less than the lives of the refugees. All this is to avoid, God forbid, setting a standard for Israeli citizenship that does not include a link to Jewish ancestry.

And the Iranian nukes? No one, including the United States, is minimizing the danger, but the utterances of Netanyahu and Barak ("at most 500 dead" ) have turned Israelis into hostages of a policy that incessantly threatens to launch a glorious military operation.

If you're looking for proof of what Netanyahu really thinks of Israeli citizens, there's no greater proof than this, because those who will actually fight the war "to defend the Jewish People" will be cannon fodder. And there is no sadder example than that of Netanyahu's effort to implement the vision of the radical religious right: The destruction of Zionism and the State of Israel in the name of the "Jewish People."