At War, but Not With Iran

The endless chatter about Iran directed all eyes to the East. But the arrows of the fall attack were actually headed to the West.

The Web went wild. According to the rumors, the war was due to have broken out by now. Some people mentioned a specific weekend, and even a specific date. The most popular of these was September 1 - and yes, that is the date on which another war broke out, World War II. Was it possible that the Churchills among our leaders, and those who had predicted a second Holocaust, would not be able to avoid the temptation?

And yet, the weekend of September 1 came and went quietly, or so it seemed. The weather was pleasant. No untoward events were reported. No one noticed that hostile events had already begun. No one identified the major preventive assault that was indeed launched on the planned date, and whose objective was no less than changing a regime: replacing a regime that was hostile and dangerous to Israel with a regime that, even if it does have nuclear capability, does not constitute a threat.

From the workshop of the man who takes apart watches, Ehud Barak, and the magician, Benjamin Netanyahu, a brilliant deceptive maneuver succeeded in completely blurring the identity of the real enemy. The endless chatter about Iran directed all eyes to the East. But the arrows of the fall attack were actually headed to the West.

Already on the first day, there was a direct hit on a top target - the chairman of the enemy's Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. Senior diplomatic elements in Jerusalem reprimanded him harshly. His comment that he did not want to be complicit in an Israeli attack on Iran was identified as hostile activity and the explanation did not take long to follow.

There is no doubt that the censure from Jerusalem was a tough blow to the prestige and authority of the enemy army's chief of staff, and he will henceforth function, in the best case scenario, as a lame duck.

On another battlefield, Prime Minister Netanyahu was busy sparring with the ambassador of the enemy country, Dan Shapiro. He charged U.S. President Barack Obama with putting pressure on Israel instead of on Iran. According to some reports, the ambassador's response was a harsh one, and the tension between the two countries mounted until finally it reached the point of explosion.

Meanwhile, in a secret operation, special commando forces headed by billionaire Sheldon Adelson were dispatched across enemy lines in order to fund the opposition circles, to incite the local population against the existing leadership, and to work toward changing the regime within a few weeks.

It would be difficult to claim that the decision to go to war was not well thought out. President Obama and the United States were given endless opportunities to change their behavior and to obey Israeli dictates before they were attacked, but they did not take advantage of these opportunities.

The prime minister even flew to the United States in May 2011 and visited the White House to give Obama a private lesson in Zionism, a lesson which turned into a humiliating series of educational lessons in the presence of journalists. But even this act of goodwill did not bring about the anticipated results, and the recalcitrant student did not obey the words of his rabbi and dared to mention the 1967 borders.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's refusal on Monday to present Iran with red lines, as Netanyahu had demanded, constitutes an additional violation of the orders.

Moreover, the Israeli message that an irresolute policy toward Iran would harm the Americans first and foremost stresses Israel's genuine concern for its ungrateful protege and the altruism of our leaders - who only want to help the United States save itself.

Therefore, what we are discussing is a war in which there is no other choice, one against the United States. For after all, if the current American administration remains in place after the November elections, then Obama, freed of the pressures of the Jewish vote, is likely to take off his gloves and force us into a peace agreement with the Palestinians, God forbid. This is thus a war of deterrence whose aim is to prevent an even greater disaster - peace.