As Transparent as Sara's Dress

They call themselves friends of Israel, but a small group of powerful American Jews are making a mockery of democracy on Capitol Hill and our own hill.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama boarding Air Force One, February 2013. AP

If I were an American legislator, the seed of anti-Semitism would sprout inside of me. Let your eyes be the witnesses: A small and aggressive group of Jews is attempting to take control of Washington using the power of their money. Congressmen who do not bend to their will are marked for elimination. Some have lost their jobs after being unwilling to compete for the prize money, refusing to dance to the piper's tune on some distant hill – the one that is not Capitol Hill.

This is not a question of "dual loyalty" - the loyalty of the "good Jews" is preserved first and foremost for themselves, for their personal interests. For the most part, they are very wealthy people who do not like paying taxes, and whose concern for their own money they hide under their concern for Israel. "Israel" for them is Benjamin Netanyahu, another foot soldier of theirs from Zion. They call him "Bibi" out of affection, and he answers with mumbled thanks.

If I was an American Jew, I would bear a grudge against the Israel of Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and Eli Yishai; this Israel embarrasses me. Its values are not my values. This is not the country we prayed for. What is it to an American Jew, and what is Sheldon Adelson to me? And don't tell me he represents me.

But I am not an American lawmaker and not an American Jew. I am an Israeli Jew. For many years I worked in the legislature, and thousands of citizens used my services as a public servant. What would have happened if someone had tried to scare me by saying, "If you don't do as I order, your career will end in sorrow"?

That is what happened to Chuck Hagel, who once said in anger that the Jewish lobby forgets that he is an American senator, not a senator from Israel. It is almost as if he took the words out of my mouth: I am an Israeli senator, not an American one, and can only serve the good of my country as I see it in my own eyes.What they prepared for Hagel on his way to the Pentagon, they first planned for the president. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on a plot to depose the black, Muslim, socialist bastard. At the time, Benjamin also joined forces for the mission; his intentions and obsequiousness are as transparent as Sara's pretty dress.

Once Obama was reelected, they could no longer overthrow him. But they can still humiliate and trip him up. Since November, the Republicans and their financiers have already proved that the Tea Party will never end, and that the housecleaning can be postponed. For them, the president was and remains an unwanted resident in the White House.

Now, together, they are laying the trap for him of a visit to Israel. Obama made a mistake when he didn't visit Israel early in his first term, and he is not making that mistake again. He will land here only a few days after the new Israeli government is formed.If he is greeted by a narrow coalition, the host will complain to his guest that it is too narrow and it is impossible to endanger it right now. If the coalition is broad, he will explain that he had to build it patchwork, and now is not the time to unravel it and stitch a new one.

Either way, Netanyahu will need more time for clarifications, and Tzipi Livni will stand there at his side as a jester among the thorns. What do the Adelsons and their servants care if the person who failed to fall off the fiscal cliff, falls and crashes from the Palestinian cliff? And Obama will leave with his hands on his head, embarrassed and weakened. They are lowering expectations in both Washington and Jerusalem in advance of the visit - as low as it is worth going and still coming to visit.

If the Nobel Peace Prize winner does not have the intention of equipping himself with a peace plan of his own - and if he is not willing to metaphorically use force on the parties until they all agree - maybe it would be better if he stayed home.

It would be better to avoid a humiliation that will make the guest's numerous admirers sorry, and make happy those who are looking to hurt him - Jews and Muslims, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Iran. Unless the president is willing to make do with the position of "crisis manager" and has, in his heart, already given up on any hope of solving the conflict; well, until the fury arrives.