5 Piercing Op-eds by Yossi Sarid, 1940-2015

A former cabinet minister, Knesset member, Meretz chairman, Sarid wrote hundreds of opinion pieces for Haaretz since his retirement from political life.

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The poet and politician Yossi Sarid in 2010.
The poet and politician Yossi Sarid in 2010.Credit: Gali Eitan

Yossi Sarid, a former minister, Knesset member, Meretz chairman and a Haaretz columnist, died of a heart attack on Friday. He was 75.

Since his retirement from political life in 2006, Sarid penned countless opinion pieces for Haaretz. Known for his sarcastic and eloquent style, Sarid dissected with a fine scalpel subjects as varied as the occupation, the Israel lobby in Washington, and the morality of purchasing yogurt. 

Following is a selection of Sarid's op-eds:

After Netanyahu won the 2015 elections: Accept the Election Results, but Don't Respect Them

"Anything but a unity government, for God’s and the future’s sake. Let a right-wing nationalist government be formed with the ultra-Orthodox hanging onto its coattails. Let it sally forth and show us what it can do. From now on, it will have nothing to cover its nakedness and no alibi for its incompetence."

On the Duma arson murders: Enough Condemnations, Israelis

"The “sharp condemnations” have lost their value and become empty gestures. Who are they trying to impress? Certainly not the murderers, for whom the storm of rebuke only puts more wind in their sails."

On the attempts by the Israel lobby in Washington to foil the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense: As Transparent as Sara's Dress

"This is not a question of "dual loyalty" - the loyalty of the "good Jews" is preserved first and foremost for themselves, for their personal interests. For the most part, they are very wealthy people who do not like paying taxes, and whose concern for their own money they hide under their concern for Israel. "Israel" for them is Benjamin Netanyahu, another foot soldier of theirs from Zion. They call him "Bibi" out of affection, and he answers with mumbled thanks."

On boycotting settlement products: Unwittingly, My Yogurt Has Been Funding the Settlements

"We came home from shopping at the grocery store, in our bags eight goats’ milk yoghurts and a container of sheep’s milk yoghurt produced by the Halav Haaretz dairy from Sussia. When you don’t pay careful attention, as Job said: “That which I was afraid of hath overtaken me,” and my yoghurt has overtaken me. I may not have realized that Judea and Samaria has turned from an area dripping with infection to one dripping with milk, and the Hebron Hills area has become the bastion of the Jewish goat."

On the refugee crisis: My Love for Israel Has Been Replaced by Shame

"I love you no longer, my homeland. This is no longer “my country.” As far as I’m concerned, you can scream or be silent – do whatever you want, unbeloved land. The place of love has been taken by shame. I am ashamed, which means I still care, it still hurts, but less. See how you look, our little country, our petty country."