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The Axioms of the Bibist Movement

Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher
A pro-Netanyahu rally in Jerusalem, last week.
A pro-Netanyahu rally in Jerusalem, last week.Credit: Emil Salman
Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher

What we talk about when we talk about Bibism. Following are axioms of the Bibist movement:

1. Benjamin Netanyahu must be Israel’s prime minister. Any other prime minister will endanger the country’s security and even its very existence. That is the existential argument.

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2. Only Netanyahu is allowed to be the prime minister (he is the only one who has a “right”) because that is the will of the people, which is the sovereign. This will is irrefutable. If Netanyahu loses the election, or is unable to form a government in the wake of their outcome, that means that agents of the deep state (see Article 4) distorted the will of the voters, defrauding them. It is axiomatic that in the Knesset there is always a majority for Netanyahu. The problem is that the agents of the deep state do not permit this majority to express itself. The purpose of the election is to ratify the people’s desire for the continued reign of Netanyahu. If the election fails to fulfill this mission, it is a sign that the election is defective. That is the moral argument.

3. There is also an argument from natural justice: Only Netanyahu “deserves” to be prime minister – on account of his accomplishments (the meritocratic version), and/or because he is God’s emissary (the theocratic version). Natural justice is stronger than the reality in the democratic system, which agents of the deep state (Avigdor Lieberman, Naftali Bennett, Gideon Sa’ar et alia) made sure to destroy.

4. In Israel, there is an anti-democratic deep state at work, whose entire purpose is to rule the country and to bypass the will of the people. The people want Bibi. That’s a given, which cannot be refuted. The deep state is the governmental arm of the leftist/Ashkenazi elite, whose policy it executes by means of the judiciary and the media. It is the enemy of the people and a traitor to the state. It will do everything possible to bring down Netanyahu, including framing him with criminal charges. The term “law-abiding state” is nothing but cunning camouflage for the constant attempt to carry out an anti-democratic putsch against Netanyahu and the people.

5. The leftist elite is anti-Jewish; it distorts the will of the people and its Jewish essence. Only Bibi safeguards the eternal Jewish identity of the people. That’s why his main party support comes not from Likud alone, but also from the ultra-Orthodox parties and the Kahanists as well. Arye Dery is a Bibist not only for the budgets. Of course there is a profound ideological component here.

These axioms together constitute the sixth axiom:

6. There is no fundamental need for elections in Israel. The left doesn’t need them, because it rules the country by means of the deep state; the Bibists don’t need them, because their only purpose is to ratify the people’s support for Netanyahu, and this support is eternal and irrefutable. Therefore, in the eyes of the Bibists, there is a crucial need for an endless series of frequent elections, until the true result is achieved that reflects the true and unchanging will of the people. Not in order to discover what the people want. That’s a given. But in order to defeat the anti-democratic attempt to prevent the implementation of the will of the people.

The endless elections are not the problem, they are the solution. Netanyahu did not bring us out to endless election campaigns in order to receive legitimacy to rule, because he has that. And if the deep state is defeated, we will be able to have elections once every four years – a symbolic gesture, a traditional ceremony to ratify Netanyahu’s rule. That is Bibism. It’s the most dangerous political movement ever to have arisen in Israel. And it will be interesting to see what happens to it after Naftali Bennett’s government is sworn in. It won’t disappear, and it won’t stop trying to return to power.

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