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We Israelis Are All Terror Supporters

B. Michael
B. Michael
Irgun pre-state militia, Jaffa.
Irgun pre-state militia, Jaffa.Credit: Jim Pringle / AP
B. Michael
B. Michael

When I hear and read right-wing pundits and writers slapping the “terror supporter” label on the foreheads of their political rivals, I wonder if they are just doing their masters’ bidding – or perhaps it’s just been years since they peeked in the mirror.

I presume (giving them the benefit of the doubt) that some of these people, like all those who hurl that accusation at others, are not very well-versed in the history of Jewish terror. For example, they must be convinced that Shlomo Ben-Yosef – a member of the Irgun pre-state militia, and the first and esteemed “martyr for the Zionist cause” – was a heroic freedom fighter. Not for nothing are countless streets named for him and a monument was erected in his memory. These same people would surely be surprised to hear he was really just a petty terrorist. His one and only operation to free the homeland was a grenade attack on a bus filled with Arab civilians. Thus, those who revere his memory are actually terror supporters.

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So to help people avoid slips of this kind, following is a small sample, just a drop in the ocean really, of the despicable terrorist acts committed by the militant Irgun and Lehi undergrounds in pre-state days, against the Arab population:

November 14, 1937: The first operation for which the Irgun took responsibility; its people in Jerusalem shoot three Arabs dead and then fire at an Arab bus, killing three passengers.

April 17, 1938: An Irgun-set bomb explodes in an Arab coffee shop; one person is killed.

July 5, 1938: Attacks on Arab passersby in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem; bombs and gunfire aimed at bus, 11 Arabs are killed.

July 6, 1938: Bomb at a Haifa market; 18 Arabs are killed.

July 16, 1938: Bomb at the Arab market in Jerusalem; 10 are killed.

July 16, 1938: Bomb at a market in Haifa; 27 Arabs are killed

August 26, 1938: Bomb in a market in Jaffa; 24 Arabs are killed.

May 9, 1939: Irgun blows up the Rex Cinema in Jerusalem; five killed.

June 20, 1939: Explosion at a market in Haifa; 78 Arabs (and one donkey) are killed, the donkey was booby-trapped.

December 4, 1947: Bombs in coffee shops, a car bomb at a bus stop, grenades and gunfire; dozens killed.

December 30, 1947: Irgun fighters attack a group of Arab laborers at the Haifa port, killing six and wounding 40 (The next day, Arab laborers kill 39 Jewish laborers; a day later fighters from the Palmach strike force invade two Arab villages and kill dozens of people).

January 4, 1948: Car bomb in Jaffa; 70 Arabs killed.

January 7, 1948: Bomb at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem; 24 Arabs killed

February 18, 1948: Bomb in a market in Ramle; 37 killed.

April 9, 1948: Irgun and Lehi in Deir Yassin; massacre. Six days later, Arabs attack doctors’ convoy to Mount Scopus; massacre.

And those are just a few small examples of countless terrorist actions against innocent civilians. Ours and theirs. Because we are all terrorists, and we are all terror supporters. We of ours and they of theirs. Only a despicable post-Zionist would not immediately notice the huge difference between a contemptible Arab terrorist and a heroic Hebrew freedom fighter.

And we haven’t yet mentioned the despicable kind of terror that Israeli governments have perpetrated for over 50 years throughout the West Bank and around the ghetto called the Gaza Strip. All of its supporters are terror supporters too. Anyone who currently accuses the Joint List or Ibtisam Mara’ana (on the Labor Knesset list) of being “terror supporters” is either ignorant, a hypocrite or a liar, or just another one of those who want to give their stamp of approval to the hateful types who have recently been gathered to the bosom of their corrupt leader.

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