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Another Israeli-Arab Peace Deal? No Wonder the Applause Is Less Exuberant

B. Michael
B. Michael
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President Donald Trump on a phone call with the leaders of Sudan and Israel with senior U.S. officials behind him at the White House, October 23, 2020, in Washington.
President Donald Trump on a phone call with the leaders of Sudan and Israel with senior U.S. officials behind him at the White House, October 23, 2020, in Washington.Credit: Alex Brandon/AP
B. Michael
B. Michael

Oof! Another peace deal? Enough already. We’re sick of this. Every day, another peace deal. Every day, another historic day. It’s no wonder the applause has become less exuberant.

Peace with Abu Dhabi? Fine. There’s a glittering mall there. Elegant people dressed in snowy white robes. Hotels with lots of faucets and carpets. Modest beaches. It’s certainly worth a squadron of F-35s.

Haaretz podcast: Haredi hijack of 'Jewish parliament' foiled - for now. PLUS: Borat's Jewish Nobel?Credit: Haaretz

Maybe they’re a bit too religious, but that’s not so terrible; we’ll get over it. And the deal with them will provide Israeli guests with an educational example of what they can expect when the likes of MK Bezalel Smotrich and Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky are in power here, too.

Peace with Bahrain? That already elicited a bit of a yawn. Ultimately, it’s just more of the same, except with an island, a water park and a zoo.

And now Sudan? That’s already a real joke. This is a country that doesn’t even have a government – just military rule and a “civil administration.” Until not long ago, it was ruled by a loathsome tyrant who will stand trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for his role in the genocide and mass rape of women in the Darfur region.

Countless groups, militias, parties, factions and movements are fighting over who will rule in Sudan. There won’t be a parliament – the only body authorized to sign international agreements – until the end of 2022, and God only knows what will have happened there by then.

The genocide in Darfur continues even today, albeit at a “low intensity.” In July, there were once again reports of dozens of people murdered, hundreds of houses torched and thousands of people displaced. And who knows what hasn’t been reported. The entire country is groaning under the burden of heavy debts, the risk of famine and terrible poverty. But there’s a “normalization agreement” with Israel.

And in fact, that makes sense. For what could be more logical than a “normalization agreement” between two insane countries?

What will the United Arab Emirates gain from the peace agreement that has landed in its lap? Money and weapons. And what will Bahrain get? Weapons and money. And Sudan? Money and weapons. American money and Israeli weapons, or sometimes it’s Israeli money and American weapons. And the tycoons on every side will profit.

And Israel, what will it get from this onslaught of peace? Campaign advertisements for a corrupt, failed leader; a few more customers for its merchandise of death and tyranny; the hope of deporting a few thousand Black refugees back to the hell they fled; and a fervently desired diversion of public attention from the only issue that really threatens the country’s existence. All rather strange reasons for peace agreements.

And what will the chief matchmaker get? Campaign advertisements for a corrupt, failed leader; another few customers for his country’s merchandise of death and tyranny; the hope of remaining in office and deporting a few thousand brown refugees back to the lands they fled; and a fervently desired diversion of public attention from his crassness, ignorance, thuggishness, failures and racism.

And the peace offensive hasn’t yet ended. One can safely assume that by the time the next election Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forces upon us takes place, he’ll have signed agreements with several other countries with whom Israel hasn’t yet had the privilege of signing peace agreements – San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and maybe even the kingdom of Tongo. Anything, just as long as it doesn’t, heaven forbid, get anywhere near the root of the disease that’s decimating us.

And therefore, none of this changes anything and none of it will help. The rot will continue, the corruption will balloon, the gangrene will keep spreading and insanity and immorality will flourish. So it will come to pass that, surrounded by peace on every side, we’ll continue to march obediently into the corral we have chosen for ourselves, until Israel becomes a place where no decent human being would want to raise their children. And then, the curtain will fall.

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