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Unstoppable, Indestructible, Endless Bibi

Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech in Jerusalem, June 16, 2020
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech in Jerusalem, June 16, 2020Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg
Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher

Let us soberly internalize that Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be prime minister as long as he wants, and he wants to until the day he dies. He’s soaring in the polls, clearly won’t uphold the rotation agreement with Benny Gantz, and has numerous political options for putting off his trial endlessly.

Once upon a time, it was widely believed that Yair Lapid would unseat him in democratic elections. LOL. Then it was assumed that the many serious investigations against him and the indictment that followed would force him to resign. LOL. Then the hope arose that Gantz would replace him. Double LOL.

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Recently it became known that Gantz suffers from severe back pain. During cabinet meetings he sometimes has to stand up to get some relief. But there is no relief from Netanyahu – not for Gantz or for any of Netanyahu’s opponents, whether public figure or common citizen.

Not enough has been written about Netanyahu’s resilience. The thought of another election campaign happening soon is exhausting the entire country – except for him. Not only is Gantz getting backaches. The noise Netanyahu is making is relentless and tiresome. I’ve got Bibi-fatigue. Amos Oz once compared Netanyahu to a noisy compressor under one’s window. That was in 1999, and already then Oz, who expressed what all Netanyahu’s opponents were thinking, had Bibi-fatigue. Oz is dead, but he’s probably still hearing the compressor in his grave.

Since 1999 Netanyahu has managed to exhaust an entire political camp. His battles with the old elites was first and foremost a war of attrition. The noise that this compressor emits is only getting louder. It seems as if we haven’t been able to sleep properly for 20 years – it hasn’t given us a moment’s peace. This isn’t a compressor. This is a force of nature.

Another 10 years of Netanyahu in power is starting to look like a fairly realistic scenario. Even 15, God forbid. Netanyahu doesn’t want to retire, doesn’t need to rest and isn’t interested in writing his memoirs. All he wants is to rule. He has the strength for it. While I, I don’t even have the strength to read another article about him, let alone write one.

Take, for example, the current storm about an on-air remark made by journalist Rina Matzliah. Not only did she do nothing that justifies dismissal or clarification, she hasn’t done anything that demands any attention at all, feverish or otherwise. But the compressor, which was once just one person, has become an army of compressors, the Bibi-ists, who never cease to harass.

This army of compressors has united into one intimidating compressor, which produces oppressive and unmerciful noise. It’s a frightful compressor that’s getting bigger: According to the most recent polls, Likud headed by Netanyahu would get than 40 Knesset seats. And the more it grows – like the monstrous plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” – the more it demands to be fed, and needs more and more food every day. So let it devour Rina Matzliah. That will satisfy it for exactly 24 hours.

It will never stop making that noise. Nothing will help. Not closing the window, installing double-paned glass, wearing earplugs (the domestic exile option) or emigrating. If you’re an Israeli, the compressor’s noise will follow you to the ends of the earth. The people of Israel have installed a horrid compressor, and only death (mine, not his – he’ll never die) will bring release.

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