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Jewboys, Masters and the European Right

Former minister Rafi Eitan’s support for a neo-Nazi party can be ascribed to senility, but perhaps he's simply saying what everyone else is thinking

yossi klein
Yossi Klein
Head of Austrian far-right Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache in Vienna, Austria, September 1, 2017
Head of Austrian far-right Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache in Vienna, Austria, September 1, 2017Credit: \ Leonhard Foeger/ REUTERS
yossi klein
Yossi Klein

Former minister Rafi Eitan’s support for a neo-Nazi party can be ascribed to the senility of a 92-year-old man. But perhaps it’s not just that. Perhaps he’s simply saying out loud what everyone thinks.

Everyone is sick of our isolation. Everyone is sick of once again seeing only Micronesia in the visitors’ gallery. And the best we can get for now are neo-Nazis. It’s not great, but it’s also not terrible. A leper can’t be choosy about his friends. Remember, it’s not easy for them, either. “Jews” are as hard for them as “Nazis” are for us.

The years have done their work. The hatreds remain, but the definitions have changed. There are no longer Jews and Nazis. We’re all “right-wing,” we’re all “ultranationalist,” we’re all “religious.” It’s easy for us to connect with rightists, even extreme ones. When you sit with rightists, you can loosen your belt and sprawl on the sofa. Now, there’s someone to talk to and something to talk about. We can look each other in the eye and speak as rightist to rightist, not as master to Jewboy.

Once we were Jewboy servants, and now we’re rightist masters. We’re soul mates who have discovered each other.

Rafi Eitan voices support for AfD

They hate foreigners? So do we. They hate blacks? So do we. They deport refugees? So do we. And Jews? Well, fine, we also hate them. We sit on the sofa with our arms around each other, watching television, and together, we hate Muslims and blacks who have come to take our jobs and screw our daughters.

We’re Europeans. We’re fascists like the Hungarians and religious zealots like the Poles. We’re in the Eurovision. We’re in the EuroLeague. Perhaps we’re not the most refined, but we’re certainly Mediterranean. Kind of like the Greeks.

Every home needs a balcony, and every rightist needs an enemy. We went and the Muslims came. It’s the same enemy.

It’s hard to distinguish between us. They’re dark like us, religious like us and multiply even more fruitfully than we do. Wait a year or two and they’ll devour us, journalist Zvi Yehezkeli promises.

We lord it over them and fear them, as we do rats, or cancer. But we no longer face them alone. We have friends: Heinz-Christian Strache of Austria and Alexander Gauland of Germany.

We finally have a place to lay our heads in Europe. We’re no longer the Jew with the big nose, nor are we the neighborhood bully who abuses Arabs. We’re partners in the white army that is fighting global terror.

We guard the white world against Arabs and blacks. We don’t ask for favors. We have receipts. We’ve starved children in Gaza and expelled blacks from Tel Aviv. We’re the battered child who became a battering father. We took abuse from the Germans and we gave it to the Jews from Arab countries, who are now giving it to the blacks.

We say thank you to Europe for accepting us, even if it was through the back door, even if was with a sour face. We’re grateful. We’re willing to stick our hands deep in shit, because we’re permitted to do to Arabs and blacks what Europe did to the Jews. It will yet thank us. Now, they’re still calling us occupiers and racists over there (apart from the neo-Nazis; after all, we’re friends).

This isn’t even Stockholm syndrome. We don’t identify with our abusers. We don’t want to identify with them, we want to fuse with them. We, too, want to be the tough thugs with the flags and the hobnailed leather boots. This isn’t a symptom of repression, but of ignorance.

After all, you can’t forget what you never knew. We don’t know or understand where we’ve been or what was done to us.

Interior Minister Arye Dery knows nothing about the concentration camps. Immigration Authority Director General Shlomo Mor-Yosef hasn’t a clue what refugees are. Perhaps they skipped the class where all this was taught, perhaps they were simply bored.

They have no national memories to deal with; they have no family memories to mourn. They have nothing. Because if they had anything, they wouldn’t be imprisoning refugees in camps.

Today, they encounter racism from the more comfortable side of the fence around the open detention facility at Holot. Tomorrow, they could be on the other side. That’s how racism works.

Racists change places, but racism remains. It has colors, but no shades. Just white and black. Degrading white and degraded black. White on one side of the whip and black on the other.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Dery, Naftali Bennett and Miri Regev are now playing the white masters. Just wait; one day, that white coating will be scraped off them from above and they’ll suddenly be revealed as Jewboys, the Jewboys of old. And when that happens, don’t count on Rafi Eitan and his buddies.

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