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Trump Is Right About the Iran Deal

The moment Iran becomes a nuclear power, Israel will be in jeopardy. The mere threat of an atom bomb will keep us from taking action in Lebanon, Syria or the Gaza Strip and it will paralyze Israel’s economy

Nehemia Shtrasler
Nehemia Shtrasler
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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017.
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. Credit: Kevin Dietsch/Bloomberg
Nehemia Shtrasler
Nehemia Shtrasler

The law of catastrophe states that big disasters are inevitable. They happen periodically around the world, because Western leaders have become a cowardly lot who do nothing in the face of acts of terror and the rule of evil. They want peace in their time, and after them the storm. And so they do nothing to avert the next disaster, despite knowing it will be big and painful.

Every politician knows that preventing future catastrophe requires decisive action now, that will spark a crisis. Every leader also knows he will be blamed for the unpleasant results of the crisis and thrown out of office. After all, he’ll never be able to explain that he averted a catastrophe: It didn’t happen, so what’s he yammering about?

The champion of the law of catastrophe was U.S. President Barack Obama. He advocated Chamberlain-style “restraint” and “containment.” He capitulated to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Syria, thereby abandoning Syrians to genocide. He refused to say “Islamic terror,” despite being hounded by terror attacks at home and abroad.

He also failed to stop the dictator Kim Jong Un when he began conducting nuclear tests, thus allowing North Korea to become a dangerous nuclear power. And to top if off he signed a particularly bad nuclear agreement with Iran – a move Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, is now trying to correct.

Trump can’t abrogate the agreement unilaterally, but he can change Obama’s capitulatory approach. He’s trying to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power with long-range missiles that will threaten the entire world.

After all, anyone with eyes in his head recognizes that Iran, with its enormous oil reserves, isn’t interested in nuclear technology for electricity or scientific research. It want a bomb, as they only way to guarantee the survival of the regime and its leaders. Look at how the world is afraid to touch the madman from North Korea and contrast it to the bitter fate of Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi, who agreed to give up his efforts to develop a nuclear weapon.

Iran is an evil regime, all terror and aggression. Its leaders want first to control the Middle East, and then to become a world power that will also threaten Europe and the United States. It is a Shi’ite extremist regime that funds terror attacks around the world, including by supplying arms to underground movements and terrorist organizations in many Muslim states: Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Jordan.

Israel is at the top of the kill list, and Iran is trying to surround it on all sides: Syria (the Assad regime), Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Gaza Strip (Hamas). But to really destroy Israel, Iran needs a nuclear bomb. That’s why it’s so important to support Trump, who is trying to prevent it from getting one – and it’s good that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working in exactly the same direction.

Trump is in effect trying to amend the bad agreement Obama signed, which enables Iran to progress toward a nuclear bomb. He wants to alter three provisions.

First, he wants much tighter supervision of Iran’s nuclear facilities, which doesn’t exist today. For instance, the Iranians won’t allow inspectors into their military bases to see what nuclear work is being done there.

Second, Trump wants to prevent the continuation of Iran’s long-range missile development, which threatens the entire world – an issue Obama neglected completely. The third issue is stopping Iran from continuing to fund terror around the world, a matter the previous president, that best of men, also didn’t address.

We have a clear interest in Trump’s success. The moment Iran becomes a nuclear power, our entire existence will be at risk – without a single bomb being dropped. The fact of the threat hanging above our heads will be sufficient to keep us from taking action in Lebanon, Syria or Gaza, and as a result our economy will also be paralyzed. After all, who would want to invest in a state that’s under nuclear threat?

Just two days ago, the chief of staff of the Iranian army announced that he won’t allow Israel to continue operating in Syria. All that’s lacking is for him to also have a nuclear bomb.

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