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A Warped Brand of Feminism

If this is the logic of feminism in the country then we should also demand equality for women in the criminal world where they trail way behind men in committing murder, rape and robberies.

Kobi Niv
Kobi Niv
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Woman soldier in the IDF.
Woman soldier in the IDF.Credit: Michal Fattal
Kobi Niv
Kobi Niv

So Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and Rabbi Zvi Tau and Rabbi Eli Sadan and Education Minister Naftali Bennett (all, incidentally, Ashkenazim par excellence) think women shouldn’t serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Certainly not “our” women, the religious ones, and certainly not in combat units, because that would undermine their role as servants in bed and in the kitchen. They are kicking and screaming to preserve the woman’s “natural” place as the servant of men, from God to her husband, in whatever he desires or commands of her, as written in their holy Torah.

So all of them, and all those who follow them – and this is nothing new – are backward conservative reactionaries. So what?

The more important question is whether, because those idiots think as they do, men and women who consider themselves enlightened and progressive must now fight, in the name of feminism and women’s equality, for women to serve in the army as soldiers in the armored corps or in infantry brigades like Golani and Kfir.

What kind of feminist battle is this, for women to be able to fight and be killed like men? What’s feminist about serving in a tank like a man?

Ostensibly, this battle is for women to be able to fill any post a man fills and do anything a man does. But there’s no question about this; it’s clear they can. The question is not whether they can do anything a man does; the question is whether they should do everything a man does.

The question is whether the essence of feminism is in fact for women to do everything men do, including killing and murdering, or whether the essence of feminism is actually to refuse to serve the male-dominated world in which we live, the one that creates armies and wars and killing and murder and rape and an infinity of oppression and violence.

Is being a secretary and printing out letters or making coffee for men who kill, or who send other men to kill, on the orders of our male rulers an act that degrades women as servants, and therefore patently unfeminist, whereas killing in the service and at the orders of men, in this country and elsewhere in the male-dominated world, is suddenly the coveted feminism? In fact, the opposite is true. After all, that would make women the servants of men in a manner a thousand times worse than printing out letters or making coffee ever could, no?

For if this is the logic of feminism – doing everything men do, rather than what it should be, which is making the world more feminine, or in other words, less violent – then why should our striving be limited to the realm of warfare? Why not make similar efforts in the realm of crime, for example?

After all, in the criminal world, discrimination against women is particularly glaring. Only 200 of the more than 12,000 prisoners in Israel (not including those held on terror-related offenses) are women, barely 1.5 percent of the criminal population. Yet women are more than 50 percent of the population. So why shouldn’t women mobilize en masse to murder and rob and rape and commit break-ins and steal, and thereby prove that they can do everything just like men do, huh? If that’s your feminism, then you’d better get going.

Feminism is the struggle to make the world more feminine, better and, of course, less violent. It’s a battle for liberation – first and foremost of women, but also of men – from oppressive, violent, brutal, bloody male rule.

The idea of feminism as equality with men, in the sense that I, too, can kill and murder just like he can, is warped feminism. And not only does this warped feminism not undermine male domination of the world, but it actually strengthens and deepens it, to the detriment of women and the detriment of all of us.

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