The Israeli Left Prefers Getting Rid of Netanyahu to Peace

The tragedy is that, when there is someone who is prepared to go to extremes to bring the dream of the left to reality, it is the left itself that prevents it.

Nathan Eshel
Nathan Eshel
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A billboard showing Netanyahu and Herzog.
A billboard showing Netanyahu and Herzog.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum
Nathan Eshel
Nathan Eshel

Ever since the hapless Oslo Accords, which led to thousands of deaths, the left has dreamed of a peace process and regional agreements but has not succeeded in realizing its dream.

And the great tragedy is that, when there is someone who is able to promote diplomatic processes and is prepared to go to extremes to bring the dream of the left to reality, it is the left itself that prevents it.

Apparently, the hatred of our prime minister is so great that the urge to prevent his efforts to launch a diplomatic process overcomes the great dream. Thus, we hear senior figures in the left-wing camp swapping the slogan "Anyone but Bibi" with "Anyone but Bougie" and, in effect, "Anything but Peace."

Only the right and only Benjamin Netanyahu are capable of furthering the peace process, a fact that is known to the left, but the objective – war against Benjamin Netanyahu (and his family) – is more important.

In order to lead the process, the Likud needs to be joined not only by the Zionist Union, but by a right-wing party as well.

Unfortunately, Naftali Bennett, who is borne on the shoulders of the radical right, is unwilling to cooperate with such an initiative.

Knesset members from Yisrael Beiteinu came to our assistance and joined the coalition, primarily to further the two-state idea as part of a solution that will comprise recognition of the Jewish State, guarantees of its security and the end of the dispute with the Arab world.

In getting involved in this process, the prime minister risked his political survival (and not for the first time.) He decided to make the move, and for that reason he invited the Zionist Union to join the coalition.

Netanyahu invited the chairman of the opposition to meet with him, offered him membership in the coalition, and explained to him the historic opportunity that could open before us. He gave him not only the reins to lead the initiative, together with Tzipi Livni, but also "provisions for the road," in order to increase the chances of the initiative's success.

And this is where we get to the bursting of the dream; to the tragedy. The peace camp, together with the media orchestra – which comprises self-interested politicians – and those who for years have not hesitated to do everything in their attempt to topple Netanyahu, they are the ones fighting against those attempting to achieve the dream, in the manner of "let me die with the Philistines."

If the left-wing does not recognize the importance of the opportunity and join the coalition, history won't forget and won't forgive.

The writer is a close friend of the Netanyahu family.



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