Jews of France, There Is Nothing for You in Israel

Fleeing to Israel is to escape from the arms of Muslim fascism into the arms of Jewish fascism.

Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher
Two Ultra-Orthodox Jews look at Jerusalem's Old City walls illuminated by the colors of the French national flag, November 15, 2015.
Two Ultra-Orthodox Jews look at Jerusalem's Old City walls illuminated by the colors of the French national flag, November 15, 2015.Credit: AP
Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher

Jews of France, stay in France. There is no God, he did not appoint you as the chosen people and he did not promise you the land of Israel. You have no rights here. Israel has stopped being the Jewish state. It is a binational apartheid state in which Palestinians live under an occupation that denies them their basic human rights. The Zionist enterprise is dead. Committed suicide.

Israeli leaders who call on you to make aliyah are using outmoded slogans. You will not be any safer here. The opposite, in fact. To emigrate from France to Israel now is like emigrating from Palestine to Nazi Germany in 1933. The Muslim zealots who want to massacre you are fascists. Israel is controlled today by a government that includes Jewish zealots, whose ideology is riddled with the trappings of fascism. Fleeing to Israel is to escape from the arms of Muslim fascism into the arms of Jewish fascism.

You live in a democratic country. The prognosis for France is good. Even after the terror attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, there were voices of lamentation eulogizing New York as we knew it, claiming it would never return to the way it was. Have you visited Manhattan recently? It is even more like Manhattan than the city at the foot of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. Paris will recover, too.

In the name of what values will you pack your belongings and move your home to Israel? In France, you are subjected to Islamic terror because you represent the values of the West: democracy, liberalism, freedom, individualism. These are noble values that are worth fighting for.

Even after you immigrate to Israel, you will still be subjected to terror attacks. But not because you represent enlightened values. Just the opposite: Because you will represent the fascist values of Jewish zealots – occupation, racism, apartheid, messianism, dark barbarity. These are not values worth fighting for.

Stay in France. Fight the just war – the one there is no choice but to fight. France does not live by the sword, but uses it in order to live. Here, life is sacrificed on the altar of the sacredness of the land of Israel. This is idolatry. If you bring your children to Israel, you will find yourselves sacrificing your seed to Molech.

A week ago, this newspaper published an article by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy (“Paris Terror Attacks: Instructions for Warfare”). Out of his pretentious babble, it was possible to conclude that the man is a warmonger, supporting the conquest of territories that Islamic State controls. Give us the babbling of this warmonger any day. In Israel, warmongers are not philosophers. They do not brandish quotes from Thucydides. They speak with God and quote only him. They are jihadists who speak Hebrew. Philosophers have not had any public standing here for a long time. Our spiritual leaders are rabbis.

Israel seems more like the Arab countries than France. There is a state of mind here that encourages lynchings and the mob. Israel may aspire to see itself as being like France, which is why its media rushed so quickly to embrace France and demonstrate solidarity with its citizens, “our” French brothers in misfortune. But that is not true.

The troubles of the French are the troubles of Europe. And as the European Union labeling of products from the settlements has proven, Israel is not Europe. Despite Islamic State, the European boycott of Israel will grow stronger. In its own way, exactly like ISIS, Israel will find itself outside of Europe. Jews of France, remain in France. Here, all is lost.

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