Israel's Lawless Death Penalty Without Trial Buoyed by Cheers of the Masses

The people of Israel see these pictures and most of them are filled with delight and pleasure, as the media inflames their animal urges.

Gideon Levy
Gideon Levy
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Scene of Afula shooting after Israeli Arab woman attempted to stab soldier. October 9, 2015.
Scene of Afula shooting after Israeli Arab woman attempted to stab soldier. October 9, 2015.Credit: Gil Eliahu
Gideon Levy
Gideon Levy

A spree of extrajudicial killings is sweeping over the land. It’s sickening, barbaric and lawless – and it is buoyed by the cheers of the masses, media incitement and the authorities’ encouragement.

Now add to the wave of terror attacks the worst kind of damage – Israeli society is losing its image. This society has had savage periods before, but not like this one, in which every stabber or anyone who threatens with a knife, screwdriver or vegetable peeler is executed, even after he has thrown down his weapon, while the killer becomes a hero of the nation.

Those who wanted the death penalty for terrorists are now receiving a more ignominious version – a death penalty without trial. Fourteen Palestinians have been killed this way in the past week, most of them would not be liable for a death sentence in a state of law. The blood lust, the likes of which is not remembered in these parts, wants more and more blood.

In some of the attacks, the security forces and civilians acted appropriately and neutralized the assailants. Sometimes, there is no choice but to shoot and kill. But in other cases, they carried out an execution, there is no other way to describe it. The video clips prove it indisputably.

It’s enough to watch the atrocious shooting of Asra’a Abed in Afula, who stood still with a knife in her hand, surrounded by armed policemen who drew closer and closer to her, one of them licking an ice-lolly, until they finally fired several bullets into her from short range, instead of taking control of her and disarming her. It looks like murder. Those policemen were too cowardly or revenge-thirsty and for that they deserve to go on trial, not a citation.

Even more ghoulish appears the execution of Fadi Alon in Jerusalem. After he threw down the knife with which he had stabbed and injured a Jewish youth, he tried to flee from the angry rabble toward the policemen, while the mob incited the policemen with gutter language to kill him. Responding to the riff raff’s request, the policemen shot the youngster to death, for no reason, then rolled his body into the road.

The grotesque element was provided by the attack in Tel Aviv. A Palestinian with a tiny screwdriver, who had stabbed and very slightly injured a number of Israelis, was shot to death by an IDF officer. Second Lieutenant Daniel became the hero of the day. Entire pages in the media were written about him, hailing him as a “combatant in an air defense unit who did what is expected of a combatant.” The stabber’s body, which nobody bothered to cover, the tiny screwdriver beside it, is Daniel’s citation. “Heroism at the Kirya’s gate,” screamed the headlines. These are your heroes, Israel, taking out desperate youngsters with a screwdriver who could and should have been arrested.

The people of Israel see these pictures and most of them are filled with delight and pleasure, as the media inflames their animal urges. That’s the real incitement. Adults and children see how Arabs are shot like stray dogs at the roadside and learn the lesson. In this way, one of the main reasons for this uprising’s eruption is demonstrated - the dehumanization of the Palestinians, whose life and death are worthless to the Israelis.

Nobody dreams of killing Yishai Shlisel or the murderer of teenager Maor Almakayas in Kiryat Gat, but killing a Palestinian is applauded and cheered by the incited mob. And we haven’t yet mentioned the shooting of demonstrators on the Gaza border for no reason, shooting that killed seven civilians including a child. Nor have we mentioned the lynching attempt in Afula, or the Jewish stabber in Dimona, whom no one thought of executing, never mind destroying his house. He came from a background of “distress” so was forgiven, as though the Palestinian stabbers didn’t come from a background of “distress” ten times deeper.

One of this barbarism’s advocates, Dan Margalit, provided the justification for it on Friday. “It’s highly advisable to shoot all terrorists the more terrorists that are struck down, the fewer of them there’ll be,” he said. To this Hottentot morality, which fails the test of reality, one might add: the more rapists, muggers, dangerous drivers, sexual perverts, leftists and Arabs that are struck down – the fewer of them we’ll have. Death to the Arabs – it’s time to storm the next target.

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