Indulging Israel Hasn't Worked - Maybe the Boycott Will

How long will Netanyahu act like Putin, Erdogan and Berlusconi, but ask to be rewarded like Nelson Mandela?

Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid

And it came to pass, when Benjamin Netanyahu held up his hand, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, the boycott prevailed. But Netanyahu’s hands were heavy. So Isaac Herzog and Yair Lapid stayed up his hands – the one on the one side, and the other on the other side.

I wouldn’t attribute any importance to the position of the two doppelgangers. In a place where Netanyahu stands, the moral left won’t stand; you will always walk alone in your path, Bibi. At any moment when a different voice is necessary, that’s precisely when they say “amen” to him – “There’s no left or right, and we must stand together.” But they don’t represent us; you won’t find us in the ranks of the choir. With leaders of the opposition like this, who needs toadies?

Because this is what we expected them to say: You, Bibi, you’re the one who’s bringing disaster down upon us. You were “strong against Hamas” and you destroyed Iran with your words, and in your eyes we were as collaborators, who are forbidden to enter the congregation or the coalition. There’s absolutely nobody better than you; you’re a cannon whose targeting system is off, and instead of shelling our boycotters, you’re firing on our own forces. And the bombshell you fired – “No Palestinian state will be established during my tenure” – can’t be put back into its maw. Did Orange CEO Stephane Richard succeed in retracting, in your view?

So go with your own power, and the power of Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban and Dr. Miriam Adelson, but without us. Let’s see you do it on your own. After all, Jewish tycoons from Las Vegas were always known for their enormous influence over college students in California.

Sheldon Adelson and Chaim SabanCredit: Ofer Vaknin, AP

“The world” isn’t anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, and there’s no “delegitimization campaign against our very existence.” BDS is a negligible organization that doesn’t smell nice and sometimes stinks. True, anti-Semites haven’t disappeared, and like vultures they flock to carrion. But who’s the one who’s feeding them? Who’s the one leaving easy prey in the fields for them?

The opposite is true, Bibi, the exact opposite: No state has every benefited from such a generous allotment of consideration as Israel has, and the Green Line border has long since won total international recognition. For 48 years they’ve been explaining to us politely that control over another people can’t continue forever, and that the settlements would be an obstacle to us; but it’s as if we didn’t understand what they were telling us. We didn’t give a damn, and they finally broke.

Any other country would have been punished long ago, even a great power like Russia that invades Crimea and Donbass. Only Israel wasn’t; they discriminate in our favor because of the Holocaust. But new generations are arising which knew not Hitler, and therefore we’ve fallen into overdraft in our account with history.

The impression made by “the only democracy in the Middle East” is also fading, because this is how our democracy, which won hearts only yesterday, looks today: It doesn’t tolerate minorities that go to the polls in droves; it can’t digest a “subversive opposition”; it harasses human rights organizations and “left-wing NGOs”; it limits freedom of expression by law; it shuts artists’ mouths; it imprisons refugees without trial and deports them for no fault of their own; it plots to segregate passengers on buses; it hands its army over to the ayatollahs of the hesder yeshivas; and it abandons its commitment to freedom of worship in Jerusalem. Jewish zealots attack Christian pilgrims at the Tomb of David, who himself never knew where he was buried, and demand that they stop the Last Supper in the middle.

Israel – it’s not what you imagined. And the international community is sick to death of its arrogance and presumption, its lies and manipulations. How long will Netanyahu act like Putin, Erdogan and Berlusconi, but ask to be rewarded like Nelson Mandela?

It’s not just that the settlements have sprouted like mushrooms after every acid rain, but now, they’re even asking us to fertilize them – to buy their honey, their wines and their cheeses. What common sense didn’t do, perhaps the boycott will do; boycott, let’s have it. t on.

Adelson and Saban told us in their joint interview about the feast fit for kings that they consumed before embarking on their holy war, and curiosity is consuming us: Which of the items on their table was a product of the greater Land of Israel? Did they order takeaway from the dairies of Sussia and the vineyards of Yitzhar? What goes down their throats over there as smoothly as oil is stuck in our throats over here like a stolen olive – or as some would say, “like a piece of shrapnel in the ass.”

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