If Only Israelis Matched Sara Netanyahu's Blind Adoration for Her Husband

Netanyahu's campaign strategy has always been to sow fear: Sometimes it's Hamas, sometimes it's Hezbollah, sometimes it's PA President Mahmoud Abbas, and now it's Iran.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, Dec. 4, 2014.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, Dec. 4, 2014.Credit: Reuters

I think I’ve cracked the secret of the deep tie between Sara Netanyahu and her husband. She simply admires him – boundlessly, endlessly, unconditionally and unreservedly. And she thereby realizes the dream of every politician: blind adoration.

The average politician wants the entire public to recognize his greatness. He wants the entire nation to admire him; he wants everyone to understand that he is always right, that he was divinely anointed to rule and there is no reason to challenge his pronouncements. And if, for some reason, not everyone understands this, then at least his wife should understand.

And Sara supplies the goods. Just look at what she told former Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal’s wife, Monique Ben Melech, late one night.

She said that Bibi is “a million times more successful” than Moyal, that he’s “a giant of a leader who’s taken the entire State of Israel on his shoulders.” That he “acts with rare political wisdom, that he has a broad education, university degrees, and he also reads books; he understands economics, security and policy.” And “where is your husband, he doesn’t even reach my husband’s ankles ... All over the world, they admire Benjamin Netanyahu; he will be prime minister and your husband won’t be prime minister, and that’s why he’s jealous ... In the United States they say that had he been born in the U.S., he would have been elected president there.” And this is just a small fraction of what she said, as reported by Ben Caspit in Maariv.

But before Netanyahu replaces U.S. President Barack Obama, he needs to win the battle for political survival that he’s waging now. His situation in the polls isn’t good, and that’s the reason for his speech in Washington on Tuesday. This speech isn’t aimed at either Congress or Obama; it’s aimed at us, the electorate here at home. And the truth is that it’s electioneering, which by law the networks are forbidden to broadcast.

Netanyahu’s strategy has been the same in every campaign. He always sows fear, paints shadows on the wall, and then explains in his deep baritone voice that he’s the only one capable of saving us from the great evil that is waiting around the corner. Sometimes it’s Hamas, sometimes it’s Hezbollah, sometimes it’s Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and now it’s Iran.

Netanyahu is the one who turned Iran into an Israeli problem, instead of it being a problem for the entire world. Granted, he’s also the one who put the issue on the global agenda and even got international sanctions imposed on Iran. But then, he made his big mistake and went a bridge too far by launching a frontal attack on the U.S. president. A conflict with the American president endangers Israel’s security, its economy and even its very existence.

And indeed, the U.S. administration has already announced that it has stopped sharing secret information about the negotiations with Iran with Israel, and who knows whether it will accede to Israel’s request to give it another $300 million to develop the Magic Wand and Arrow 3 antimissile systems? And what will we do if Obama decides to stop automatically vetoing every United Nations resolution proposing economic sanctions on Israel?

The destruction of Israel’s relationship with the administration didn’t begin today. It began when Netanyahu misled Obama about the negotiations with the Palestinians. He promised the president he would advance a two-state solution, but in practice, he torpedoed every attempt at negotiations. Later, he wasn’t wise enough to create an alliance with Obama on the Iranian issue, so instead of close cooperation behind the scenes, he launched Israel on a collision course with the president.

Netanyahu has also failed the test of results. In neither of his last two terms was Iran stopped. Instead, it kept advancing toward the status of a nuclear threshold state, with more know-how, more facilities, more enriched uranium and more advanced centrifuges.

But what does all that matter beside the really important thing – Sara’s admiration as a model for the entire nation of Israel to emulate?

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