Go, Netanyahu, Go!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes all his problems will be solved with one moving, televised appearance in Congress, so let him go.

Uzi Baram
Uzi Baram
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin  Netanyahu delivers a speech during the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish organizations in Jerusalem, earlier this week.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech during the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish organizations in Jerusalem, earlier this week. Credit: AFP
Uzi Baram
Uzi Baram

Go to Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu, go. Don’t listen to those who wish you ill and slander the state. Don’t listen to Zionist Union coleader Tzipi Livni, who you’ve said is a danger to the country. Go, so that no opening is left for your former chief caretaker Meni Naftali to say nasty things about you and your wife, Sara.

Go, because Iran is important, and Israel Hayom is important, and the Tea Party is important. Keep on putting Naftali and his media supporters in their place.

Go, Bibi, go. Don’t listen to those who say you are destroying our relations with the United States. They’re wrong. You know that it’s all over as far as U.S. President Barack Obama is concerned. Go, because you’ve already ruined everything, and one more speech won’t make any difference.

Go, Bibi, go, because you have no housing solutions in your kitbag. Go, Bibi, so that your rivals shouldn’t think housing prices are your top priority. Go, so they’ll understand that only the Republican Congress is on our side. Go and prove it.

Go, Bibi, go, because the remarks floated about the need for an arrangement with the Palestinians and the Arab states are nonsense. Go, because Miri Regev and Danny Danon know that any talk of an agreement is a disaster. Go, and then all those remarks will prove baseless because you will set the agenda: Iran, and only Iran.

Go, Bibi, go. Because the legislative fabric being woven by Zeev Elkin and Yariv Levin is liable to tear if you fall in the coming election, and this legislation – first and foremost the nation-state law that keeps our heads held high – is crucial for forming a Jewish-nationalist state. Go, so they’ll understand that only you can assure such legislation. Only the one who can bring the Republican Congress to its feet is worthy of being prime minister of the Jewish nation.

Go, Bibi, go, because the Iranian nuclear problem is threatening and worrisome. You know you could deal with the issue in talks with Democratic leaders, but you pushed them into the hands of their humiliated president. Go, because the Democratic senators aren’t facing a fateful election on March 17; you are.

Go, Bibi, go, even though you know your trip harms Israeli interests. Go, and don’t listen to those who think you should stay home. Because how will you look? Like a responsible Israeli leader, or a coward fleeing the battlefield?

Go, Bibi, go, and prove to those who want you to present an economic and social agenda that such an agenda is worthless. The people aren’t interested; the people’s eyes are on you and the Republican Congress. Go, because then your opponents won’t dare to raise social or economic issues.

Go, Bibi, go, because the European countries washed their hands of you long ago. They don’t trust your commitment to work toward an arrangement with the Palestinians. Go, Bibi, and show those European nonentities that the Republican Party is with you, and that all their objections have nothing to do with reality.

Go, Bibi, go, because many good people who supported you in the past are turning their backs on you now. Go, and prove to all shirkers and liars that they are libeling you, even as you are battling the goyim for the existence of the state. Go, Bibi, because you have to keep Meni Naftali and [political strategist] Eyal Arad, and all the others who betrayed you, out of people’s consciousness.

Go, Bibi, go, because you are stagnating in the polls, because your spin tactics are worn and predictable. Go, because only thus will you be able to prove to Zionist Camp coleader Isaac Herzog, and all the other leaders, that you are irreplaceable.

Go, Bibi, go, because in your heart you hope that all your problems will be solved with one moving televised appearance in Congress.

Go, Bibi, go, so that when you return, you’ll understand that not everyone is deaf, dumb and blind. Go, Bibi. Stand tall, and make us feel small.

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