It's Hard to Believe Netanyahu Won't Take Responsibility for Lebanon Bloodshed

Nobody is better than Bibi at shifting the blame onto the other side. It's a wonder he didn't hold Abu Mazen responsible for the bloodshed at Har Dov, too.

Yoel Marcus
Yoel Marcus
Two IDF vehicles hit by Hezbollah missiles on northern border near Ghajar, January 28, 2015.
Two IDF vehicles hit by Hezbollah missiles on northern border near Ghajar, January 28, 2015.Credit: AFP
Yoel Marcus
Yoel Marcus

The attack in the Har Dov area on Wednesday was Hezbollah’s attempt to avenge the strike attributed to Israel, which killed Mughniyah junior, the Iranian general and their entourage. Even if we assume the general wasn’t killed deliberately, and even if Bibi swears on the Bible he didn’t mean it, neither the Iranians nor even most Israelis would believe that anyone could plan in cold blood, or for political reasons – such as elections – a war. Especially since nobody knows how such a war would end. What, is it possible to be so daft as to plunge an entire country into a new war in Lebanon for a few Knesset seats? Apparently, it is.

Perhaps Hezbollah planned to abduct soldiers, something we find difficult to deal with, even though we swore after every abduction that such a fiasco wouldn’t occur again. Iran has an interest in inflaming the region and dragging us to a place we don’t want to be in. But even in this case, we have a problem. Netanyahu got into trouble with the American administration about the royal trip he arranged for himself to Washington, over the Iranian issue, to the chagrin and fury of President Obama.

While we all know his American words excite U.S. lawmakers, Netanyahu didn’t take into consideration that the Democrats would sabotage his plan.

As a former voter in the United States, he should have known the American president has considerable power in his last two years in office to do things and settle scores. It doesn’t say in the New Testament that a president must ensure us an automatic veto every time we’re in trouble. Bibi’s conduct stems from hysteria, but even in such a shaky condition, one doesn’t pee from the diving board. I’m not saying there’s a rift between us and America, but our enemies in the radical Islamic world must think Israel is losing ground not only in Europe, but in the United States as well.

Netanyahu’s story is becoming a reverse Bil’am story – he came to bless and ended up cursing. The Democrats didn’t like his arrogance toward the president and decided not to support the proposed sanctions against Iran. As one who sees himself as immensely clever, Netanyahu now finds himself at a new low, an even worse – his gimmick has failed.

He gives the impression that he doesn’t do the math and doesn’t think half a step ahead. Menachem Begin knew how to play with fire, but was never seen as crooked. He used to play chess with the secretary of state at Camp David and was wise enough not only to win but also to compromise with him on complicated wording for the sake of reaching an agreement. For example, he agreed to have “Eretz Israel Arabs” in the Hebrew version, while the English one said “the Palestinian Arabs.” Begin was in favor of the greater land of Israel, but the agreement was reached. He evacuated the Yamit region and all its settlements and we know what happened next.

Netanyahu’s Israel is scared to death of any commitment, although Bibi sure knows how to lie. In his pseudo-historic speech at Bar-Ilan University about two states for two peoples, he deceived both America and the Israeli people. He’s great at blah-blah but even better at lying. Nobody is better than him at shifting the blame for any failure regarding the peace process onto the other side. Instead of trying to resolve the conflict, he fans the flames with unequalled overbearing conceit. It’s a wonder he didn’t blame Abu Mazen for the bloodshed at Har Dov, too.

Bibi has a lot of problems. The entire media is against him, while most of the staff in his official residence are against him and his wife. Begin had also been attacked by the media, but when they blamed him for the bloodshed of soldiers, he heeded the criticism and made a sad exit from history. It’s hard to believe that Netanyahu isn’t taking responsibility for the bloodshed in Lebanon this week and for the blood that will still be shed because of him.

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