So What if Iran Gets the Bomb?

There is no longer any question that Iran is going to have a bomb, but that doesn't mean they will use it unless they are provoked.

Ronit Tzach
Ronit Tzach
Ronit Tzach
Ronit Tzach

Iran will have nuclear weapons. It seems there are no illusions about this. Even the decision makers, who threaten to embroil us in an awful war with an uncertain end, acknowledge that an attack by us will, among other things, only delay the unstoppable development of the Iranian paper tiger for one to two years.

Does anyone really think you can happily take part in the arms race, and still keep Iran – or any country – from trying to lessen the gap? After all, even the world’s biggest and most powerful countries were unable to prevent their mad sworn enemies from achieving equality in this matter.

To remind you, the nuclear powers include: The United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Israel, for its part, sits among the countries who maintain nuclear ambiguity.

But out of all the “mad” and dangerous regimes, is there any need to remember which power is the only one in the world who has ever used nuclear weapons in combat? And if we are discussing the issue of nuclear weapons trickling down from Iran to terror organizations, is there any need to remember who traded weapons with, and generously armed and trained dictators in banana republics, and a variety of dubious regimes across the Third World?

Fundamentally, it’s hard to relax when faced with this trio of Benjamin Netanyahu, his twin brother Ehud Barak gliding across the piano and the new acquisition of Avi Dichter. All three were molded in the same elite IDF unit, come from the same school of thought regarding matters of defense and are members of the same gentlemen’s club, which worships that same American hedonistic culture. The governing conduct of the prime minister and defense minister indicates a lack of long-term thinking, zero concern for the country’s citizens, an outrageous absense of responsibility, haphazardness and chronic garrulousness.

And what about the recent underhanded opportunism of the change in regulations, designed to foil disturbances that stood in the way of the megalomaniacs who sought to bury the expert evaluations, the opinions of the chief of staff, the security forces and a whole host of past and present security figures – and decide our fate in a lightning-quick phone referendum?

Iran will have a nuclear weapon. But what reason, for heaven’s sake, does it have to use it against a power which has a nuclear deterrent of its own, which could threaten it with total obliteration? Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s big mouth, which is not backed by any action, sufficient grounds for a regional war that would come at the cost of spilled blood and massive destruction? And, between us, have Bibi and Barak never regurgitated nonsense? Was every word they uttered the absolute truth?

Despite the image he has been stuck with, Ahmadinejad is not a complete fool. It’s a fact that thousands of missiles with warheads of one type or another are already aimed at us, but he has never used them. After all, if Ahmadinejad was a man blinded by his hatred of Israel, or so insane he had become completely disconnected from reality – someone who had lost sight of cause and effect and was able to push his country towards total annihilation – why not already attack using the conventional arsenal of chemical and biological weapons at his disposal? Pakistan, North Korea and the USSR never pushed the button at the time, despite Western fear mongering. So it seems that this madness is under control. Now the question is whether our madness is under some sort of control.

If we attack first we will create a pretext for war (conventional in the present day or nuclear in the future); we will arrange for our enemies – for free – international support if they decide to respond; we will create a worldwide understanding that the regional arms race is increasing; we will isolate ourselves from friendly superpowers and we will pay the price for dragging them into an explosive conflict at a most inconvenient time. And what about the readiness of the home front for a counter attack? I think that people have been freed of their illusions regarding this as well. The false calculation of 300 deaths is deception, pure and simple. As long as there are no shelters, protective masks, secure hospitals, burns units and so forth, there is no one to really rely on.

The secret nuclear bomb shelter in the Jerusalem hills is not designed for us. It is designed for the decision makers who are gambling with our lives. God only knows what immense price this war will exact – how many dead, injured or refugees without a roof over their head, the scale of the destruction of infrastructure, or how badly hit the economy will be. We may be nearing the end of life here as we know it. Please, say no to the attack on Iran.



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