'Arrogant'? 'Necessary'? The Big Debate About American Jews' Role in Anti-occupation Protests

Should American Jews be leading the challenge to 50 years of occupation in Israel and the West Bank? Or should they stick to organizing at home? Join the ongoing conversation on Haaretz

Sumud: Freedom Camp in the West Bank, 19 May 2017
'US Jews can’t, won't, stay out of Israel’s affairs': Sumud: Freedom Camp set up by Diaspora Jews in the West Bank, 19 May 2017 Gili Getz

Recent vigorous protests by Diaspora Jews in Israel and the West Bank caught the eye of the media. Fifty years since the 1967 Six Day War, progressive Israelis and American Jews agree on the necessity of ending the occupation – but there’s fierce debate about the best way to do so, and what role U.S. Jews should play – and how dominant they should be. 

It's an issue that energizes and angers opinion both in Israel and the U.S. Explore six of the voices in this debate below.

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