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The Other 'N-word'

What do you think about the proposed law that would make it illegal in Israel to call someone a 'Nazi' and to use Nazi symbols as part of a protest?

A draft law currently making its way through the Knesset would criminalize the use of the word Nazi in most cases.

The bill, which has sparked a debate on freedom of speech, would impose a fine of nearly $30,000 and six months in jail for anybody using the word or symbols from Adolf Hitler's Third Reich in a "wrong or inappropriate way."

According to the sponsor of the bill, Yisrael Beitenu MK Shimon Ohayon, the law would put Israel on par with other nations "battling anti-Semitism."

Ohayon acknowledged that enforcement would largely rely on violations being reported to police. "We want to prevent disrespect of the Holocaust," said Ohayon, the bill's sponsor. "We allow too many freedoms which are taking over in a way that is harming us."

But what do you think? Is the move a legitimate effort to battle anti-Semitism or is it an attempt to stifle freedom of expression?

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