Dialogue With Muslims Won't Quell Islamic Jew-hatred

Anti-Islamist blogger responds to accusations she publishes 'dishonest hate literature about Muslims and Islam.'

Dylan Kaplan appeals for harmony between Jews and Muslims while claiming that Robert Spencer and I publish dishonest hate literature about Muslims and Islam. Kaplan has high hopes for his project of building friendships, claiming that if we could make friends we would be bringing security to Israelis and Palestinians.

Why are we exhorted to initiate dialogue with Muslims, while theres never talk of the Islamic Jew-hatred that has motivated 1,400 years of Muslim persecution of the Jews?

The root cause of the ongoing war against Israel is Islamic Jew-hatred: Quranic chapter and verse served up as a daily diet in the Palestinian media. The same Islamic Jew-hatred that fueled the alliance between Hitler and the leader of the Muslim world, the Mufti of Jerusalem. Making friends wont eradicate that hate.

Where is Kaplans discussion of the 1,000,000 Jews who were expelled from Muslim lands in 1948, when Israel was established? We hear much about how Muslims were supposedly expelled from Israel, but they were told to leave by their leaders, who said they could come back after Israel was destroyed. How is that the Jews fault?

How does it make Spencer and me haters if we discuss the root causes of the enmity that many Muslims feel for Jews?

In my opinion, some left-wing Jews exalt the Taqiyya spread by Muslim practitioners of interfaith discussions, calling for civil dialogue with the adherents of this ideology, while smearing us for telling the truth. Scapegoating truth tellers is unconscionable. Kaplan is deceiving himself if he thinks he will ultimately escape the purveyors of the Big Lie he is currently serving with such enthusiasm.