You're Gonna Miss Us, America

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Separation, as everyone knows, is one of the most significant experiences in life, and when you feel that it is approaching, even if it is desirable, you should prepare for it. Seeing as how this week the monthly Peace Index of the Tami Steinmetz Center For Peace Research at Tel Aviv University indicated that most Israelis (who were polled) are thinking about separating from the United States – although 80 percent think Israel’s survival depends on that country – we should prepare for the separation already now. For that purpose we can use Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ famous model for processing grief, which was presented in 1969 and serves as a basis for any theory about dealing with separation. After all, even an independent power like Israel, armed to the teeth, strong, economically stable and politically advanced, is not immune to the effect of separation. Even if it’s a kiss goodbye from that cactus of a country overseas and their leftist president.

The first stage in the Kubler-Ross model is denial. And so, during the initial days after the declaration by the prime minister of a severance of economic ties with the United States, we can expect Israel’s leaders to tell themselves that there was no need for that assistance anyway. It is almost possible that those who dreamed of an amicable divorce, and who have no intention of seeking the help of the European Union (that same wicked organization that is unwilling to finance the research of those residing outside the legal boundaries of the State of Israel), will begin to look for another world power to support them. The first reasonable proposal, which the finance minister, who visited there this year, may suggest is China.

But not only will the turn to China preoccupy Israel the separated. The next stages in the Kubler-Ross model are anger, bargaining, depression and finally – acceptance. There is no space to describe the harsh effects attending each of these stages. The stage of anger, for example, is liable to be reflected in attacks of fury whose natural targets are to be found right here, in front of us: Israeli Arabs and Arabs living in the territories.

At first there may be shock, paralysis and astonishment in the Shin Bet security services and the Mossad – whose budgets have more than doubled in recent years – but since everyone knows that taxing the middle class works, the bargaining stage will be relatively short. During the depression stage even Danny Danon will stop trying to do away with democratic thinking and leave the Bedouin citizens alone. At the stage of acceptance the economy minister will return from his journey to China, to which he will travel with Immigration and Absorption Minister Sofa Landver, with an agreement for an exchange of knowledge in the areas of accelerated urbanization and air pollution. Who needs those Miley Cyrus lovers and their strange president? Here, we’ve got money. New money.

Even when we awake from the imaginary world of separation from it, the United States is not perfect; on the contrary. It suffers from internal rifts, from anti-intellectual tendencies embodied in the ideology of Fox News (the network from which the Israeli right actually doesn’t want to sever itself), from dramatic economic gaps along with the dwindling of natural resources and an absurd privatization of technology.

Due to all these factors, the United States to battling its own decline. Western liberalism and democracy, along with an emphasis on human rights, are not to be taken for granted in a world of the wealthy. And at the same time, it’s hard to understand not only where and how the State of Israel will find military aid (an issue that is problematic in itself), but where it will find another ally that can also be called free and democratic.

The sentiment that emerged from the monthly peace index is not related only to money; it is related to the abandonment of the ideal of freedom embodied in the American idea. Because in Israel another idea has been in operation for a long time already.

Israeli and American flags.Credit: àìëñ ìéá÷

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