What Israeli Civil War? It Takes Two Sides to Tango

Anyone who dreams of a civil war in Israel should remember that it needs two sides. Here, only one side is present – the national religious, Messianic, zealot right.

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A protester at a Tel Aviv rally in support of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, July 31, 2016.
A protester at a Tel Aviv rally in support of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, July 31, 2016.Credit: Ilan Assayag
Kobi Niv
Kobi Niv

As opposed to the opinion surprisingly voiced by the former Mossad head Tamir Pardo, who until now kept as silent as a pickled herring, a civil war is not expected and no civil war will take place in Israel.

A civil war will not take place in Israel because it has already been fought, fought and won. Only three pistol shots were fired in total, killing Yitzhak Rabin, and the national-religious-Messianic-zealot-right-wing won.

True, the battle taking place over the identity of the state has yet to be decided for good, and the victory of the zealots is not yet final and complete, but it is within arm’s reach. Four liberal nests of “resistance” still remain: in the leadership of the IDF, the Supreme Court, the higher education system and the cultural leadership. But don’t worry, they too will be beaten, vanquished, and will soon fall into the hands of the national-religious right, which has set them as a target and is charging at them with all its strength, and they, too, have God on their side.

Whoever thinks it is a coincidence that the four ministers in charge of these four dissenting domains – the IDF brass, legal system, education and culture – are the four most right-wing nationalist ministers in the most right-wing nationalist government that ever existed here, is deeply deluded.

The two senior ministers of Habayit Hayehudi did not just choose the education and justice ministries for no reason. Naftali Bennett did not come to the Education Ministry to teach the youth math or English. He came to eliminate the liberal pestilence, the permissiveness and openness in the educational system, and particularly in the higher education system.

Ayelet Shaked did not enter the Justice Ministry to reduce oppression or increase justice, but to put an end to the humanitarian-egalitarian viewpoint of the Supreme Court, and to hold the Temple Mount over its head until the justices say, “I am a Jew, and only Jewish justice will go forth from here.”

Miri Regev was not given control over the culture budget only to divide the resources up in a more just fashion, but also to eliminate the “old elites,” which do not love the people, land and Torah of Israel enough.

And Avigdor Lieberman, who is even more extreme than the others, was not brought to the Defense Ministry to eliminate Ismail Haniyeh or the Iranian threat. This was not on the agenda. What was on the agenda, and what brought about the replacement of Moshe Ya’alon with Lieberman, were Ya’alon’s support for deputy chief of staff Yair Golan’s remarks about signs of fascism, and the IDF’s decision to try for manslaughter the soldier who shot the subdued Palestinian assailant in Hebron.

Because of these remnants of liberalism and the need to eradicate them, Lieberman was brought to the Defense Ministry – for the purpose of turning the IDF, once and for all, into an occupying, shattering, killing, destroying and assassinating army that does this without caring, without misgivings, without lawyers, without courts and without any bullshit.

Furthermore, anyone who dreams of a civil war should remember that it needs two sides. Here, among the Jews (because the Arabs are not really citizens), only one side is present – the national-religious-Messianic-zealot-right-wing side that is willing to sacrifice its lives, not to mention all our lives, on behalf of the people, land and Torah of Israel, with its millions of supporters thronged behind it in song and dance and, on D-Day, with tanks and airplanes too.

Facing these millions of armed, dancing people will stand, as one, all 37 secular liberal leftists prepared for the decisive battle of the civil war, armed with copies of Haaretz rolled into swords, and boy will we show them.

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