Israel Is Dominated by a Rabble of Online Commenters

A clerical fascist state will rise here much faster than you think. It won’t be Mussolini’s Fascist Italy or Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It will be Khomeini’s Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to his Likud party members in Tel Aviv on March 22, 2018.
Ariel Schalit/AP

A weak government is a dangerous one. A weak government depends on the rabble. The rabble are dangerous since they perceive the government’s frailty. It’s not every day they see things this way, but now they have the opportunity to grab power. They won’t relinquish it easily. It’s the opportunity to exhibit everything that legislation and education have managed to hold in check for 70 years.

We know what we can expect of rabble. Rabble don’t invent themselves, they learn from others. Rabble are the same everywhere. A mob in Alabama is no different than the one in Berlin’s past or today’s Tel Aviv. Give them pitchforks and they’ll storm city hall; give them pitchforks and they’ll hunt down “niggers” in the streets. First it’s black people, then come cops and finally judges. Give them a weak government and they’ll show you how quickly they can replace it.

Let it be clear – we’re now dominated by the rabble. A rabble of online talkbackers. We have to pray that the talkbackers are in a good mood, otherwise we’re done for. They not only hate blacks, they hate people who don’t hate blacks; in other words, they hate us.

Wait, it’s coming. Gangs will stop people in the street and force them to sing “Hatikva”; gangs will smash display windows and, in their hobnailed boots, chase people eating chametz in restaurants over Passover.

There are no limits to what the imagination of a mob can come up with. There are no limits to what the rule of the mob has already invented: First they’ll burn down kindergartens attended by black children and then the blacks themselves. Wait and see how they search for leftists, boycotting their stores, hanging signs saying “I’m a leftist traitor” on storefronts.

We find it hard to digest the concept of mob rule. We prefer calling it a right wing, or ultra-nationalist right wing, or an ultra-nationalist-religious right wing, but we won’t call them fascists or Nazis. We still have some inhibitions, even if they don’t.

As if they’d be insulted if we called them fascists or Nazis. They barely know what that means. We wasted 70 years of Holocaust Remembrance Days on them. When they march with their flags and songs, the last thing they’ll think about is my family that went up in flames. Choke on your Holocaust Remembrance Day, they write online, it’s too bad Hitler didn’t finish you all off.

The mob waits for anyone who kisses up to them, who lies to them and exploits them fears and invents enemies for them. We are the enemy and we’ll pay for it. It starts small, so small one can’t even see it. Then it grows and you ignore it, but when it comes knocking on our doors before dawn it will be too late to jump out the window and save the children. We can amuse ourselves all we want with fantasies of the “State of Tel Aviv,” but this is a state with porous borders and weak residents. The rabble with the pitchforks are already here.

A clerical fascist state will rise here much faster than you think. The kashrut laws pushed by Minister Litzman will come before the nation-state laws of Minister Regev, which will follow the Jewish laws of Minister Bennett. It won’t be Mussolini’s Fascist Italy or Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It will be Khomeini’s Iran.

A government whose leaders ask themselves every day, what’s better, going to jail for corruption or trying to set up a dictatorship, is a government that has no confidence. Such a government will be quick to jail anyone who is dissatisfied with it. And we’re not satisfied, thus our backs are to the wall.

The odds of a clerical-fascist government being formed here, led by the rabble, are similar to the odds in August 1995 that a prime minister would be murdered in November. It can’t happen here, we said then and are still saying now. It won’t happen to us, said the passengers on the Titanic, it won’t happen to us we say now.

It will happen because it already is. A country run by talkbackers isn’t a state, it’s anarchy. A country whose citizens are at the mercy of talkbackers is a dangerous one. A country whose leaders are dependent on talkbackers is a country you have to get out of, and fast.