Under Netanyahu's Rule, All Racists Feel at Home

Someone who wins power through racist incitement should not be surprised that he is drowning in a sea of incitement, both in his government and among his supporters.

A screenshot from Netanyahu's Election Day, March 17, 2015 Facebook video warning supporters that Arabs were voting in "droves."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was meant to finish his political career on March 13, but because of a maneuver that the word “stinking” only compliments, he won a fourth term. Someone who wins power through racist incitement should not be surprised that he is drowning in a sea of incitement, both in his government and among his supporters.

The term of office Netanyahu won was one too many and contravenes the law of nature, which switches seasons in the proper time. Seven years of diplomatic stalemate and colonial activity were meant to end, but Netanyahu blew frost into a spring that looked so promising. But although nature sometimes works slowly, when something goes too far, nature starts to act up. What’s been happening the past few days is a sign of this, and there’s no way to know what the next disaster might be.

Every day that goes by like this is another day too many; Netanyahu stands like Don Quixote, battling an agreement with Iran that the whole world supports. The high point will be when he appears this week in the United States before his Republican patrons to attack the U.S. president. And this is without even mentioning the fire sale of the country’s gas resources, which are meant to improve the quality of life for Israeli citizens, Jew and Arab alike. There are too many other things to mention.

Such a person cannot be expected to battle racism. It’s ridiculous, bordering on the absurd. That’s why, rather than demand the firing of the knights of incitement in Habayit Hayehudi, or the dismissal of some Likud ministers who compete with them to demonstrate their racism, we must focus our efforts on forcing Netanyahu to resign, because this is a man under whose umbrella all racists feel at home.

Israel society is living in an “as if” reality. Even now, when thousands took to the streets to protest the horrible crime in the village of Duma and the stabbing attack during the gay pride march in Jerusalem, the public still hasn’t internalized that the person at the top of the pyramid is the problem. One cannot ignore the thick chain that links his saying that “Arabs are streaming in droves to the polls” with these recent attacks.

The goal is to change the government. It’s not an easy mission, especially when the parliamentary alternatives, Isaac Herzog and Yair Lapid, drink from the same ideological well with regard to the occupation and the settlements. and are willing to stand behind a man who has a black flag flying over his regime. But there’s no choice but to recognize that as long as Netanyahu is at the helm, the situation will only get worse.

The only real opposition today is extra-parliamentary. This opposition is the only option, given the shameful oblivion of the opposition in the Knesset. If there is true will to replace the government, it is no dream.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s salvation is coming from a different place. Hamas is already accusing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of being responsible for the Duma arson that killed a toddler. One would think that Abbas is the one who poured the fuel into the home of the Dawabsheh family.

Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, claims the PA’s silence acquiesces to the attackers’ crimes and conveys a message that encourages attacks on West Bank residents. If the resistance could operate freely in the West Bank, Abu Zuhri said, the settlers would be unable to commit such a crime.

However, as far as anyone knows, Abbas is not in Gaza; Hamas is in complete control there. If so, how is it that precisely there, under the rule of Hamas, 500 children were killed out of 2,200 fatalities, mostly civilians, during Operation Protective Edge? The logic is kept under wraps.