Trump’s Goal: U.S. Anarchy

What looks like chaos is actually part of a careful plan to destroy the existing order.

Dafna Maor
Dafna Maor
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Trump supporters at Los Angeles International Airport in California, February 4, 2017.
Trump supporters at Los Angeles International Airport in California, February 4, 2017. Credit: AFP
Dafna Maor
Dafna Maor

President Donald Trump’s surprising series of moves since his inauguration two weeks ago seem marked by a lot of confusion and inconsistency.

Trump lacks the right skills, he has personality disorders, the people around him are inexperienced and captive to various manias – these are just some of the theories that liberals and some in the establishment media have been suggesting as a way to explain what’s going on.

But allow me to put forth another theory – that what looks like chaos is actually part of a careful plan. That the man chosen to captain the vast American ship and the new administration by his side are deliberately seeking to capsize that vessel. The goal: anarchy.

Destroying the existing order is just what the radical group surrounding Trump – headed by his chief strategist Stephen Bannon and his senior advisor Stephen Miller – want.

Anarchy that will put an end to the establishment that has ruled the country since the end of World War II, that dares to grant rights to gays, that continues to let in refugees, that distributes contraception to unmarried women and lets them have control over their bodies and their lives, that cooperates economically with countries like Mexico and China instead of preserving American manufacturing and white male pride.

The theory that Trump, Bannon and the like seek to create anarchy says that they are following a calculated strategy of sowing hate, confusion and panic with the aim of giving rise to a new “republic” in the spirit of the Founding Fathers – one that is Christian, white and authoritarian.

Even Trump’s blustery approach to foreign relations seems intended mainly to support this vision. Some are already calling the new administration’s actions “creative destruction” – the popular term for what happens when innovative technologies wipe out old industries and pave the way for new ones. But what’s happening right now in America is looking more and more like plain old “destructive destruction.”

Yes, Trump is being widely denounced, at home and abroad. But the increasing disturbances, and the critical media and human rights organizations protesting in a state of panic, are only helping to create that atmosphere of chaos.

Trump is also being helped by the seething anger and resentment of many of the Americans who voted for him at the wrongs perpetrated by the establishment and an economy that has left them far behind. For now at least, it doesn’t appear to matter much to them that Trump isn’t likely to do anything to really help them, certainly not with the bunch of billionaires he’s surrounded himself with in his cabinet.

Granted, the old order is no great shakes. We live in a world in which financial elites rule, in which inequality is growing, in which big money and government seem to be getting ever closer, in which there is dangerous environmental pollution, and military corporations are gaining more and more power.

Trump offers no solutions or cure – he appoints vulture billionaires who made fortunes from exploiting the weak, he's cultivating hatred towards "foreigners" and promotes silencing dissenting voices. All amounts to a complete opposite to the spirit on which the USA was founded. This will not only create instability in the near-term, increase hatred and encourage racism, but will also clear the way for new brutal and threatening elements. And not necessarily the ones that Trump and partners have in mind.

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