It's Time to Devour the Racists

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Now I understand why it is that when I shake someone’s hand, he starts to sweat, goes pale and checks his palm. Avshalom Kor, in his daily Army Radio segment on the Hebrew language, revealed our deep, dark secret: Arabs are cannibals. What a bummer! That cruel Kor is messing with our livelihood, and if we, the cannibals, had a union worthy of its name, we'd be taking him to court. Seriously, though, I want to just tear you apart, Avshalom Kor - but this time because I’m angry, not because I'm hungry.

But don’t worry, Kor, even if I were a cannibal, I wouldn’t come near you. Racists make me sick. Yuck! Army Radio commander Yaron Dekel, however, seems for some reason to be content with having a racist in his courtyard. Even after Kor compared Arabs to cannibals, he sees no reason to fire him, or even to reprimand him or demand he apologize. All he did is demand from Kor that he focus on matters of language. Now that’s a deterring punishment. After all, what was Avshalom Kor doing if not dealing with language from a racist point of view?

So now on one side we have the hilltop youth, who attack Arabs physically and destroy their property, and on the other we have one of the Army Radio “adults” soothing the hilltop youth so their sensitive consciences shouldn’t bother them too much. After all, we’re talking about cannibals, and it goes without saying that you can do as you please to cannibals.

This way, every Jewish mother who sends her son to confront the cannibals will know that if he doesn’t hurt them first, they’ll devour him. And it doesn’t matter where you innocent boys come to face them – at a checkpoint, when you raid their bedrooms, or in their olive groves – because even if a cannibal looks innocent, the day will come and he’ll sink his teeth into you. That’s why it’s better to kill him first.

Avshalom Kor spiced up his remarks with some disgusting humor: “When they say, ‘that girl’s a bombshell,’ that doesn’t mean a blond bombshell.” But why, Kor, do you associate metaphors from Hebrew street talk with the poor cannibals? When Arabs describe a pretty girl, they say her light is like moonlight, or that she’s as beautiful as a flower. The word “bombshell” was never part of the Arab lexicon of beauty.

By now it sounds pathetic to point out that if such things were said about Jews, it would have turned into an international incident. Just look at American journalist Helen Thomas, who had her lengthy career cut short because of one insulting, anti-Jewish remark. And it’s tiring to say that this or that racist act is a stain on Israeli democracy. There are so many stains that we can no longer make out the forehead, and the face is blacker than black.

In any case, the problem is elsewhere. It lies at the doorstep of those who are targeted by the poisonous barbs of Kor and his defenders. I’m talking about the Arab community and the democratic Jewish public that have allowed pearls like Kor’s to roll freely on our streets, to caress us as we sleep, and to steep in our morning coffee. This stuff is already part of our lives.

The great poet Al-Mutanabbi said, “He who reconciles himself to degradation invites more degradation… after all, no wound hurts a dead man.” The time has come that Arabs pose a threat to the racists, the way their Jewish brothers do abroad. It’s time to make the lives of racists hell, to pursue them using all legitimate means. Flood their mailboxes with letters expressing hate for racism, demonstrate in front of their workplaces, and expose their patrons, who are no less dangerous. Expose their shame to the world, just as our Jewish brothers do.

We can at least take comfort in the fact that Avshalom Kor’s grandparents, who were murdered in the Holocaust, will not hear the words of their grandson who bears their name. To honor the memory of Kor’s grandparents, Arabs and their Jewish allies must fight the racists and their protectors.

Avshalom Kor.Credit: Moti Milrod

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