The Law of Return Is Suicidal

Severe overcrowding, coupled with a horrifically high birthrate, is already set to turn Israel into a living hell that will only get worse with an influx of Jewish immigrants

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Commuters cram into the Jerusalem light rail. By 2065, Israel will be the second most crowded of the 180 countries surveyed, after Bangladesh.
Commuters cram into the Jerusalem light rail. By 2065, Israel will be the second most crowded of the 180 countries surveyed, after Bangladesh.Credit: Emil Salman
Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher

After the Holocaust, Israel’s Law of Return could be seen as a vital, legitimate tool for saving Jewish lives. In 2019, that law has become suicidal. It has become clear that Israel is charting two parallel courses of self-destruction. The first is the dual-nation state, which it created with its own hands through its refusal to end the occupation and establish a Palestinian state — and which will end in a civil war. The second is death by strangulation.

According to hair-raising figures published by Meirav Arlosoroff on Haaretz, overcrowding on the roads, in classrooms and in hospitals in Israel is already the highest in the developed world. All Israelis (with the exception of Transportation and Road Safety Minister Yisrael Katz) feel this every day on their own skin.

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In terms of population per square kilometer, Israel ranks third among developed nations, and it is expected to have the greatest population density by 2035. It’s a tiny country with horrifically high fertility rates. The population is increasing by an annual rate of 2 percent, compared to an average of 0.5 percent for all Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member states. That’s a Third-World-level birth rate.

By 2065, Israel will be the second most crowded of 180 countries surveyed, after Bangladesh. The quality of life will plunge to unimaginable levels.

It’s important to understand the forecast: Barring a drastic change to these two current trajectories of self-destruction, in 46 years our children will be living in a binational apartheid state that is overflowing with racism and religious fundamentalism on both sides, as well as being the second most crowded country in the world, without sufficient work (and that presumably won’t be their most pressing problem).

The cause of the overcrowding is the extreme patriotism of the Jews. Birth rates among Israel’s Arab and Druze communities have fallen sharply in recent decades. The extreme ultranationalism of Israel’s Jews will lead the entire country to an early grave. Jews in Israel have children because it’s a religious and/or patriotic obligation; in order to gain control of the land; in order to fill the army’s ranks (where their blood will be spilled in war) and in order to be good Jews. They have children whose purpose is above all to be Jewish and only after that to be human beings with individual wants. As a result, they are destroying the state, drowning it in a sea of humanity that the land is incapable of supporting.

This economic and ecological disaster is rooted entirely in extreme ultranationalism. Israel is committing suicide by means of its brainwashed citizens, who are killing it out of outsize love and imperialist delusions.

Imagine what would happen if millions of Jews from around the world were to exercise the right granted to them by the Law of Return and immigrate to Israel, as Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and other ultranationalist politicians exhort them to do. Israel would not become stronger as a result, but weaker. The hell of deadly overcrowding would be accelerated.

As opposed to the ridiculous illusions of the messianic ultranationalists, the ingathering of all the Jews to Zion would hasten not the kingdom of God in Israel, but rather its tortured ending.

To put it simply, Israel is physically incapable of being the literal home of all the world’s Jews. It’s barely capable of being the home of all the Jews who live in it today — further proof that it is not the Promised Land given to us by God. God, if God existed, wouldn’t make such basic errors in geometry and arithmetic.

It’s one thing that Jews claim that there’s no partner for peace. The question is whether there’s a partner for ending the mass suicide by babies and the Law of Return.

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