The Good News From Gaza

Yes, Palestinian unity is good for the Jews, because it is good for the Palestinians. If your neighbors are embroiled among themselves, it is not good for you either

Palestinian flags and a poster of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in Gaza, Oct. 1, 2017.

It is a shame journalist Avishai Ben Chaim, as part of his “Jewish DNA” program on Channel 10, did not examine the DNA of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. I would bet that it will not be Jewish DNA or Arab DNA, not even Russian DNA. It will be the DNA of evil, if there are a people of that name.

The time has truly come to invent a machine to measure the level of evil embedded in DNA instead of its ethnic pedigree. Ethnic pedigrees make me sick, especially when they are used to determine who are the children (biological of course) who will inherit the “real estate of our forefathers.”

As I write this, on Sunday, six days have passed since the beginning of the closure Lieberman imposed on the occupied territories, glory to God, and only another five days and the great closure will come to an end. And then the checkpoints, security checks and raids will be renewed with even greater enthusiasm in an attempt to make up for the gap created during the holidays, during which the masters enjoyed their vacations without any interference.

Who says there is no justice in the world? There is no justice. There are the poor and there are the rich, some who are on top and those who are on the bottom. So when you are on top, don’t make complaints against those who stepped on you when you were at the bottom. They will tell you: Friend, you are on top, so before you preach morality to us on what we did when we were on top, give justice to those whom you are casting to the bottom for now. After all, the test comes at this very moment, when you can do something, and not when the wheel turns once again and sends you to the bottom, because the wheel, like life, never stops even for a moment – one time on top and one time on the bottom.

But now too, when the Palestinians are at the bottom and under blockade, the sun does not notice that Lieberman is around and continues to shine. And the Palestinians, with their chutzpah, like a locomotive that has lost its brakes, are rushing toward unity.

The right-wing Israeli government is pulling its hair out, and everyone who is anyone in the government is hurrying to threaten the Palestinians not to unify – while at the same time they are inciting the nations of the world against this obvious step, which has no alternative, in order to reach a peace agreement.

So one more time, after so many previous times, Israel’s policy stands in opposition to the interests of the peoples of the region. After all, what is wrong with the Palestinian people patching up the rift and instead of two leaderships it will have a single leadership? Even better are those who pray for domestic peace in their neighbor’s home. Only in Israel, domestic peace for your neighbor is seen as a ticking atomic bomb. Those for whom the wellbeing of their neighbor brings up emotions of mourning like on Tisha B’Av must examine what is wrong with themselves. They must conduct a thorough self-examination into how this interest, which clashes with the interest of their neighbors, was born.

The news of unity from Gaza is also good news for the sane part of Israeli society. This is how it will be possible to speak with a single Palestinian leadership, instead of speaking with one side and fighting with the other. If we return to the ancient Jewish question, “Is it good for the Jews?” then the answer is simple: Yes, it is good for the Jews, because it is good for the Palestinians. If your neighbors are embroiled among themselves, it is not good for you either. It is good for the Jews because in addition to a single Palestinian leadership, enormous efforts are invested in implementing the principle of unified Palestinian arms.

If there are wise men in Jerusalem, whose entire goal is truly to benefit the Jews, they must help in completing the reconciliation. Just as Israel has a bank of targets for attacking the Palestinians, they too have an enormous bank that includes endless opportunities to help them – like a good neighbor.

Instead of humiliating Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who, it turns out, has not been “plucked naked” and can carry out such a far-reaching plan, Israel too must support the efforts for reconciliation. Instead of Lieberman’s blockade, the time has come to present a new shining face whose DNA will be the DNA of pure good.