Don't Give Netanyahu Another Chance to Prove His Worthlessness

You tricked us once, twice, three times – shame on you. If we let you trick us a fourth time, shame on us.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the U.S. Congress, March 3, 2015.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the U.S. Congress, March 3, 2015. Credit: AFP

You tricked us once, twice, three times – shame on you. If we let you trick us a fourth time, shame on us. The strategic consultants believe that on the slippery slope that Bibi is sliding down, he should have started burning sensitive documents already. In the meantime, no column of smoke is visible from the Prime Minister’s Office. In the meantime, he even paid cash for an espresso in the Mahaneh Yehuda open market, but forgot to tell the reporters about his visit – for security reasons, his aides said.

Although he had not been there in a long time, the place was like a second home to him. He smiled his famous smile from the pats on the shoulder, but sweated beneath the human bullet-proof vest around him. Unfortunately for him, he cannot give his lying speeches in American there. He seems to have lost his self-confidence and is trying to fake it. He scents defeat.

Back in the day, David Ben-Gurion’s campaign slogan was “Say yes to the old man.” These days, we say no to Bibi. His personality does not suit us. Quite a few Likud members want Likud to win but Bibi to lose. Everybody is sick and tired of him. He lies every which way, in Hebrew and in English.

I believe the statement of Tzipi Hotovely, who said proudly that Bibi did not stand behind the Bar-Ilan address or accept the principle of two states for two peoples – “There were no concessions or withdrawals.” Who is he punishing? Labor? The people of Israel? There is no point in wasting energy on guessing. The main thing is that he stays in power. Like the well-known Polish joke goes, if we elect him again, we deserve him.

The nation needs a confident leadership, not one that is nourished by voters’ fears. Recently we have been hearing more and more people saying, “I will not vote for Bibi.” Because of their individual situation, because of his tactics in gaining the votes of the hard-up and downtrodden by using the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons. An irresponsible leader is leading the country toward a head-on collision with a superpower like Iran.

When Meir Dagan gave his moving speech in Rabin Square – shedding a tear as he recalled his murdered grandfather – and accused the government of lacking vision and even admitted that he was afraid of our leadership, how did Bibi’s bureau respond? By saying that he, the legendary Mossad chief, was an “ungrateful” leftist.

Ofir Akunis, a cockroach with a part in the center of his forehead, accuses the head of the Mossad of ingratitude, and says that he owes Bibi for the cancer surgery abroad that he “organized” for him. That seems to be the way Bibi’s government works: Everything is personal; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

The premiership is not the private property of elected officials, just like the government furniture does not belong to the villa in Caesarea and International Women’s Day is not supposed to become Sara Netanyahu Day. The fact that Isaac Herzog does not have a deep bass voice like Bibi’s does not detract from his wisdom or understanding. It is a fact that he has already raised Labor up as an alternative with a chance at the government, which is at death’s door, politically speaking. How many times must a prime minister prove that he is worthless so that he is not elected again?

If Bibi should be elected again, our situation in America will not improve over the next two years, after Bibi’s third appearance in Congress. His provocation of the Democratic government and the Democratic president will not be forgotten so quickly. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party leader in the House of Representatives, wept in anger on hearing his speech. The thought that Bibi “planned” the move carefully seems like a joke.

Before his trip to Washington, Bibi was stressed out. He visited his father’s grave, put a slip of paper into the Western Wall, and described the trip as a historic mission. It was not historic at all; it was pyromania. His path is paved with mistakes, the most deadly of which, as far as he is concerned, was calling an early election. We should hope that responsible voters will do their national duty: Bring Bibi down.

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