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Sabah al-Kha'ir, Israel! Now, You Are 'Free'

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A sign for Jerusalem, with the Arabic text obstructed by an image of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
A sign for Jerusalem, with the Arabic text obstructed by an image of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.Credit: Emil Salman

Good morning Israel! Sabah al-kha'ir.

If I can be allowed to use my language with a special status to congratulate you on your special status today: Alef alef mabruk.

Finally, a home for the Jewish people has been established, finally the Hebrew language is the dominant language, you can speak it freely, say anything without fear or the need to take your fellow peers into consideration, without the burden of correctness and/or the yoke of politeness.

From today, in fluent Hebrew, it is possible to discriminate against citizens without the need to twist and turn in tiring evasive explanations or – God forbid – apologize! Every person or community can declare “the neighbors are not pleasant in my eyes” – boldfaced and in broad daylight. Whoever wants to can fence off the neighbors, lock the gates and seal their hearts without being burdened by pangs of conscience or the annoying nuisance of civil obligation (not to mention, human obligation). Such emancipation.

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In addition, the time has truly come for us to quit bothering the gentle spirits of children with a multiplicity of official languages. Why do we need to trouble their ears to try an understand the other? After all, who is this other? There are rumors (maybe not scientifically proven, but with a right-wing touch) that the other does not exist at all.

We must protect the young, shield them from outside influences, not to confuse them too much, so they can achieve their carefully pre-planned and goal-focused military and security careers.

Eliminating the superfluous language will have other advantages, after all it will free up space on street signs, where it will be possible to add inspiring pictures of Kabbalists and great Torah scholars or pleasing educational messages.

If I may take the liberty of being creative, may I suggest: Why not add, for example, cute emojis that symbolize solidarity and the acceptance of the other? (After all, it is important to educate the children about values from the distant past – even if that effort ended in failure. In any case, history is something to learn from.)

Mabruk Israel, for now being able to march without interference toward half of your dream, while throwing the other half in the garbage. That other half, sanctimonious and burdensome, was a heavy burden for the past 70 years – truly chains on your legs that slowed down your advancement. What do you need this democracy nonsense for when you can simply be Jewish?

It is good you have shed yourselves of this pretense, now you can skip easy and free toward the future. Just one friendly bit of advice: When you head out to the future take a flashlight with you, or a small lantern; it will be dark out there.

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