Reigning Supremacist: The House of Netanyahu and the Jews Bibi Hates

Netanyahu has remade Israel into his bigot father's image. Such is Bibi - dutiful child of a supremacist. Obedient husband of a supremacist. Role-model father of a supremacist

Bradley Burston
Bradley Burston
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Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a state memorial ceremony at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank, August 9, 2019.
Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a state memorial ceremony at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank, August 9, 2019. Credit: RONEN ZVULUN / REUTERS
Bradley Burston
Bradley Burston

Why do Jews hate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

For good reason. For many, many good reasons. But this one is enough:

Benjamin Netanyahu is a supremacist.

His entire reelection campaign is hatred. There’s nothing else left.

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 39

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As the electoral process has ground on and on and on, entirely as a result of his machinations, as his insinuations and slanders and ugly wink-nods have begun to dry up and blow away of their own escalated overuse, Benjamin Netanyahu can no longer pretend to be anyone other than what he, in fact, actually is:

The dutiful child of a supremacist. The obedient husband of a supremacist. The role-model father of a supremacist.

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Netanyahu has remade Israel in his bigot father’s image. A quarter    century ago, as a young candidate condemning peace talks and slamming Israeli negotiations with Palestinians as if Palestinians were people with rights, Benjamin Netanyahu wanted Israel to hate to death its prime minister, whose name was Rabin.

Just as Netanyahu’s son, working for the Netanyahu campaign, now wants Israel to hate the slain Rabin, and rewrite history to include this message:

Yitzhak Rabin had it coming to him.

NETANYAHU, the signs scream today. RIGHT. STRONG. The hateful child of a hateful father. The hateful husband of a hateful woman. The hateful father of a hateful heir.

It is a supremacism which denigrates and negates not only Palestinians and non-Jews as a whole, but also all Jews, here and abroad, who do not pay requisite fealty to the House of Netanyahu.

It is a supremacism which holds that settler lives matter, but not the lives of the tens of thousands of Western Negev Israelis who have lived for years and years under constant fire from the Gaza Strip.

It is a supremacism which holds that no Arab lives matter, even the lives of the Druze who have fought for this country, and whose reward was the burning humiliation of the legislative crown jewel of Netanyahu supremacism, the Nation-State Law.

It is a supremacism which holds that American Jews’ lives don’t matter, if that would mean condemning the white nationalists who are a pillar of the Trump regime.

It is a supremacism which holds that Netanyahu, his wife and child, are all above the law, and that in their service, all is fair game in elections, including suppressing the votes of non-Jewish Israeli citizens in Arab towns and villages.

Netanyahu is no longer the magician who hides his tricks up his sleeve while he saws Israel into pieces. There’s no point. We’ve all seen his act many too many times before.

We know exactly how this works. He’s not even lying about it anymore:

If you’re an Israeli, Benjamin Netanyahu either hates you or uses you. Or both.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Israelis whose family religion is Likud, a week from Tuesday, on Election Day, he will use you.

He knows you’ll vote for him. Even if you hate him.

The list of people whom Netanyahu hates is long. In this campaign, the prime minister has effectively excommunicated a majority of the world’s – and even Israel’s – Jews. Having turned their backs on Netanyahu as a figure of adoration, they have become the most despicable of his gallery of apostates: smolanim – traitorous, treacherous, Judaism-hating leftists. Including, especially, the Jews among them.

Smolanim, according to the Netanyahu campaign, now includes not only those remaining vestiges of the media which the prime minister has not been able to overwhelm and rule over, but also two former defense ministers he himself appointed, two army chiefs of staff who served under him, the leaders of the hardline Yemina [“Rightward”] party.

Why do Jews hate Benjamin Netanyahu?

Because he’s earned it.

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