Netanyahu's Responsibility for Jewish Terror

The time for repressing is over: Most of Orthodox Judaism in Israel is being taken over by a violent, racist, messianic theology.

The Shin Bet security service has a great deal of chutzpah. After years of indulging messianic Jewish terror, it places the theological revolution on the shoulders of one Meir Ettinger, as if “he doesn’t listen to the rabbis.” Why it is convenient for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to write it off to uncontrollable “wild weeds” is quite clear; it was convenient in the same way after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. But where does the truth lie?

Ettinger is an important, representative member of the “Derech Chaim” (Way of Life) movement of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. On the public list of its thousands of members are generations of terrorists.

Ettinger’s articles have been open to all on Ginsburgh’s popular website for years. There is no word of Ettinger’s that does not appear with Ginsburgh too, including the order of duties: Cleansing from idol worship (like in churches), removal of the gentiles, purifying of the Temple, the messianic kingdom. Even the permission and requirement to kill babies that appears in the “Torah of the King (Torat Hamelech) – The Laws of Killing Goyim,” behind which stand Rabbis Ginsburgh and Dov Lior, who also stood behind “Baruch Hagever,” the song of praise for Baruch Goldstein’s massacre in Hebron.

There are many other rabbis with Ginsburgh and Lior. Even more important is the support from Netanyahu, who warmly praised, in a broadcast from Moscow, a conference of Ginsburgh’s in which thousands participated. Netanyahu said about Lior that he is at the front leading the people of Israel.

Netanyahu has been warned by the heads of the Shin Bet, who have made it clear to him who these two are. The heads of the messianic murder organization, the Jewish Terror Underground, who were arrested when they planted explosive devices in five buses for the goal of murdering hundreds, testified that all their activities were carried out under orders and pressure from Lior. And for the prime minister he is the pioneer leading the way.

This is how Netanyahu chose to win the election with the help of Daniella Weiss and her organization for Jewish settlement, Nahala, which puts up the unauthorized outposts for the hilltop youth.

This is also how it did not bother Netanyahu that one of the two newspapers that Sheldon Adelson finances for him has appointed as editor a convicted terrorist, a member of Lior’s network, who was convicted of blowing up three mayors.

The spread of the messianic revolution goes far beyond Netanyahu, and breaks down all the religious barriers. Rabbi David Stav is worthy of support for his desire for change, and because he is also being guarded from religious terrorism in the wake of Haredi incitement, which is similar to that which preceded the murder at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. But who did Stav choose to appoint to head his organization for conversion? Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitch, who was questioned by the police after Rabin’s murder because he was Lior’s partner in the religious rulings on morality and the “law of the pursuer,” which was understood by many in this camp as a green light for Rabin’s murder. And in the world of messianism, the one who implies the legitimacy of murdering the prime minister is considered a moderate.

The time for repressing all this is over. Most of Orthodoxy in Israel is being taken over by a violent, racist, messianic theology. As in violent messianic Islam, so it is in Judaism: Rabbinic writings of messianic revenge, which have come to provide comfort for those tortured by history – writings not for implementation – are becoming over time the power to order direct action.

And saying “this is not Judaism” is hollow. For millions, your “neighbor” is only a religious Jew; “the person of the soul” is only a Jew; and the “stranger” is not the stranger in the original source, but the convert.

Nothing will change without understanding the seriousness of the problem, which endangers the existence of Israel and the essence of Judaism. Nothing will happen without a fundamental reform in Orthodoxy. What worked in texts not meant for action during the exile does not work in an independent, aggressive country. A revolution is needed to face the danger. Otherwise, the third apocalypse is nigh.