Netanyahu’s Blood Libel That Bashes the Media

Netanyahu delivers a speech in Jerusalem, June 13, 2019.
Olivier Fitoussi

I have distressing news for anyone who thinks the election campaign hasn’t started yet: We’re at the peak of the first stage, more cynical and malicious than ever, and the goal is to fatally sabotage the media.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign people – who disseminated fake news relating to pedophilia in the last election cycle as well – now proclaim that with the dropping of the charges against Mahmoud Qatusa, the question isn’t whether he’s guilty, or if a rape was committed at all. They say the question is why the media underplayed this story when it’s clear that if a Jew had been suspected in the rape of a 7-year-old girl, this would have made the top headlines.

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In other words, the girl’s emotional and physical health doesn’t interest them. They only want to show that the media is leftist, that it reports only on indictments of Netanyahu, pursues him and his family and feeds you lies.

“The media that executed people based on unfounded rumors is the same media that surprisingly operates responsibly, seeking not to generalize, and waits for conclusions. And if this wasn’t such a sad case, I would laugh,” said right-wing journalist Shimon Riklin, who leaked the story about Benny Gantz’s unsecured cellphone only a few months ago. He helped spread over Gantz a radioactive cloud of pedophilia allegations without mentioning the word explicitly.

So it may be that we need to ask why pedophilia is such a favored component of populist scandals. Remember that at the peak of the last presidential election campaign in the United States, the networks were filled with stories about Hillary Clinton running a child prostitution ring out of a pizzeria, which a suspicious armed man entered to save the little children there. This is how it is with blood libels, which often end in bloodshed.

This combination of deviant lust and violence is familiar to Jews; we’ve fallen victim to pogroms ignited by rumors of a Jew overcome with lust who rapes Christian women. At the heart of the film “Jew Suess,” produced at the behest of Josef Goebbels, Suess, a pastiche of the “loathsome Jew,” puts his plot in motion at the expense of a German teen girl from a respectable family, who ends up committing suicide.

When the assistant to the legal adviser Judith Karp was interviewed for Army Radio’s evening program, the online edition wrongly ascribed a quote allegedly arguing that Likud electioneering resembles that of Goebbels and the Nazis. But actually Karp was only talking about what Goebbels said: If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true.

Despite the many protests, this distorting of her remarks remained in the air for three days and provided a golden opportunity for our prime minister; after all, things like this never elude him. He denounced the remarks, which of course she never said. And if all this doesn’t remind you of anything, I don’t know what will.

It must be said simply and clearly: Depicting a rape story as a story of the leftist media that ignores the truth when Arabs rape our daughters is one of the most disgusting manipulations we’ve seen, and it’s directly related to the election campaign. Such a depiction, which has been consistently refuted by the police, is like the anti-Semitic propaganda that has appeared in our people’s history many times.

The rage at the enemy who defiles our daughters as a nationalist act of humiliation, in addition to the use of pedophilia in an election campaign, is like painting the media the way some alt-right media outlets painted Clinton with the fake-news pedophilia ring.

Would you buy pizza at an establishment that trafficks children? Would you buy a news story from the left-wing media?