I’ve Made My Decision: I'm Supporting Donald Trump

If he is elected, Trump will give Netanyahu two months to reach a final agreement with the Palestinians. If he fails. Netanyahu will listen, digest the alternative — and take action.

Donald Trump at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia, September 22, 2016.
Evan Vucci, AP.

What kind of investor are you? Are you the kind who is willing to put money on a volatile share that could generate a huge profit or cause a painful loss, or the kind who buys a government bond that offers no profit but for the most part preserves your money’s value? What kind of person are you, do you detest risk or love adventure?

Donald Trump is a volatile stock. Hillary Clinton is a government bond. And the truth is that the choice between them is difficult. They are both very problematic.

The overarching opinion in the American (and Israeli) media is that Clinton is preferable to Trump. Most of the press sees in Trump a deluded adventurer. He is neither legitimate nor fit, holding racist opinions and an unrestrained mouth. They believe that anyone voting for him endangers America and the entire world. They are shaken by the thought that his finger will be next to the atomic button.

But one must remember that the media is biased from the start, always taking sides with the Democrats. The Republicans for them are despicable, unsophisticated rednecks. To their credit, they do write tough things about Clinton, too: She is boring, gray and totally establishment.

It is pretty clear that Clinton will walk in Obama’s path, a path that has led the United States to an unprecedented nadir in its global standing. Obama received a world power, and he gives back a leaf blowing in the wind. No world leader, from Putin to Kim Jong-un to Netanyahu, pays attention to him. They will totally ignore Clinton.

Clinton is also manipulative and dishonest. She was caught lying about her health, and about the hundreds of emails she sent from her private server, against the rules. Once she said she supports free trade, but when she saw it wasn’t popular she made a quick about face. 

Like Obama, she is also incapable of uttering the term “Islamist terror,” even when it is clear that the latest terrorist from New York is a Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan, and the terrorist from Minnesota is a Muslim immigrant from Somalia. So how do you solve the problem if you don’t recognize it?

Trump is the opposite of her. He has a quick fix for everything, unimpeded by reality. He kills, exterminates and deports by mere words. He is a loose cannon, firing in every direction. He is a xenophobic racist. His renowned champion, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, described him as a completely different man. “The real Trump is thoughtful, intelligent and very well-educated,” he said (in March). Should we believe him?

Trump is Mister Change. Nothing will remain as is once he gets his hands on it. He will make revolutionary changes in every area, from diplomacy to economics. He also will not leave in place a single fragment of Obama’s legacy. So, how do we choose?

I brought in the Israeli perspective for this purpose. It is clear that nothing will move on the Palestinian front with Clinton. What was will be. Netanyahu will make empty promises to her while expanding the settlements. The despair will increase,  leading to more terror attacks, and Israel’s global standing will decline further.

Trump offers a chance for a surprise. The moment he reaches the conclusion that stability in the Middle East is in the American interest, he will invite Netanyahu to a one-on-one conversation and tell him, right to his face: You have two months to reach a final arrangement, including withdrawal in the territories, including a solution for Jerusalem. If not, you will be alone in the United Nations, without the umbrella of America’s veto, and we’ll see how you manage with a worldwide embargo. Netanyahu will listen, digest the message — and take action.

So maybe it’s a dream, but with Clinton there aren’t even dreams. I’ve made my decision, my choice is clear. I’m investing in the volatile stock. And praying.