The Israeli Media’s Double Standard Against non-Jews

'Jew stabs girl.' You’ll never see that headline in this country. But if non-Jews are involved, you’ll read all about it.

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A little over a week ago you may have read that “an Eritrean baby was stabbed.” But what was the assailant’s ethnic background? That you don’t know, because it wasn’t mentioned. The story said the assailant was a 50-year-old, mentally unstable, inebriated man, but what was his ethnic origin? In some places it was said “he is not from the migrant community,” but only the newspaper Israel Hayom reported that he was “a drunk man of Russian origin.”

Anyway, nowhere did it say the assailant was, heaven forbid, a Jew. But if he really was a Jew, why didn’t any newspaper or website use the headline “Jew stabs baby girl”? That’s the truth, isn’t it? And we’d be screaming and screeching, rightly so, if in another country a newspaper used the headline “Jew stabs baby girl.”

So why did the media tell us the stabbed girl was Eritrean while concealing the assailant’s origin? Why is the victim’s origin relevant and the criminal’s isn’t? Not to mention that, despite all the repression and denials, we’re apparently dealing with a racially motivated hate crime. So in this case the criminal’s Israeliness, Jewishness and skin color are extremely relevant, aren’t they?

Always, in every medium, the suspect’s origin is mentioned – and, it turns out, the victim’s too, even if she’s a baby – whether the suspect is a Sudanese refugee, an Eritrean asylum seeker, a Palestinian laborer or a caretaker from the Philippines. But the origin of a Jewish suspect is almost never mentioned. Also, it’s almost never reported if the perpetrator is of Polish, Iraqi, French, Tunisian or Uzbek origin.

Why? What does the Israeli media achieve by this? Whom and what does it serve? There are reasons and a purpose.

One reason is that in Israel, the rights of non-Jews are completely ignored, and all Jews, including those in the media, can do whatever they like to non-Jews. Another  reason is that this transgression by the media can no longer be done to Jews (because it was once possible). If any news outlet dared to mention that the Jewish murderer or rapist was of Tripolitanian or Czech origin, everyone would berate it for its racism, and quite rightly. But what is forbidden to do to Jews in this country is all right to do to non-Jews.

The purpose, meanwhile, may be hidden in our subconscious, but it’s certainly racist and Zionist. That is, mentioning in the media the origin of non-Jewish criminals while not mentioning the origin of Jewish criminals “proves” that all the terrible crimes (as well as all those involved, like the black baby who was stabbed) are by non-Jews, and all the non-Jews are terrible criminals.

As a result, people are always reading in the media that the murderers, rapists and stabbing victims are Sudanese, Eritrean or Thai; they’re never Moroccans, Yemenites, Poles or Romanians. Once again we’re the chosen, superior people. Get it?

Yordanes, an Eritrean asylum seeker, with her 6-month-old who was stabbed this month.Credit: Daniel Bar-On

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