Israel's History Is Filled With Benevolent ‘Moles’

In the name of transparency, or more simply in the name of life, I call for the disclosure of any plans on file that deal with the future of the Arab population in this country

Issachar “Yiska” Shadmi, right, following his trial. From the documentary series "Tkuma: Israel's First 50 Years."

A deep sadness enveloped me when I read Ofer Aderet’s story Friday on the 1956 massacre in Kafr Qasem. This was made more acute by the revelation that the massacre was part of Operation Mole that was concocted in the cellars of the most moral army in the world, its aim being the expulsion of Arabs from the area known as “the southern triangle” to Jordan. With sadness and pity I thought of the simple people living in Kafr Qasem, believing that the young state that had declared its foundation on lofty principles would not slaughter them.

Gloom descended on me as I contemplated that betrayal. After all, human nature is such that one tends to pity those who are under one’s protection. How could the planners and executors of that plan make such a switch, betraying their own human nature? Even in the animal world there is gentler treatment of helpless creatures.

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The feeling stays with me in the face of the totally fraudulent writing of history, with an entire people, a copy of the villagers of Kafr Qasim, portrayed as people “arising to annihilate the Jews.” This was a cynical manipulation of occasional utterances by some Arab leaders, who in some cases were surreptitiously collaborating with the Zionist movement.

In such a mood, a question arose in my mind: How is it that the Palestinians, with all the evil attributed to them, have no plan that expresses their maliciousness? How is it that they have no Plan Dalet, a program concocted by the pre-state Haganah to take over Palestine and dispossess its Arabs? They don’t have an Oranim plan, the one implemented during the First Lebanon War, or an Operation Mole of their own either.

I was sad because deportation plans have not ceased since then. In 1967 residents of the Jordan Valley were expelled and now they are expelling residents of Area C in the West Bank. I was sad in thinking about this entire system which is geared to making the lives of others so miserable. Pity those who choose such a profession, you’ll never see the joy of life in them.

My feelings only intensified when I started to wonder how many other plans like Operation Mole are on their way out of the file cabinets in various ministries. I wonder if the abandonment of Arab society to violence is but another Operation Mole devised by the Ministry of Public Security. Is it meant to force the educated and well-to-do members of the Arab community to move to Jewish cities, exposing them to racist attacks by fascist thugs, while the communities they leave behind deteriorate to the point of despair?

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Am I only imagining this? I don’t think so. Especially when the minister in charge of my personal safety, Gilad Erdan, turns the slain teacher Yacoub Abu al-Qiyan into an ISIS activist and leaders of the Arab population into enemies of the state, and when the Defense Minister breezily calls for the expulsion of Arabs from this country.

Therefore, in the name of transparency, or more simply in the name of life, I call for the disclosure of any plans on file that deal with the future of the Arab population in this country. What are they cooking up for us, we who remained here?

The call for the foiling of covert plans is not intended for Arabs alone, but mainly for Jews, who already find it hard to recognize themselves in the mirror. Here I am actually optimistic. After all, the one who exposed Operation Mole was Adam Raz, a Jew who through painstaking labor arrived at the truth about Kafr Qasem. Knesset member Meir Vilner, also a Jew, was the one who came to Kafr Qasem with MK Tawfiq Toubi. They passed the information to Uri Avnery, another Jew, and the (partial) truth came to light. This prevented, I’m convinced, the implementation of other plans that remained in their file cabinets.

We shouldn’t forget the counter-heritage forged by the enlightened of this country. This led to terms such as “patently illegal orders” over which “a black flag flies.” In particular we should not forget the crying out of the Jewish poet Mordechai Avi-Shaul, who after the massacre warned that the poisonous tree had not yet been uprooted.