In Search of an Israeli Weakling to Blame for Recent Violence

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Benjamin Netanyahu, May 26, 2015.Credit: Marc Israel Sellem

Adviser A: What a situation. Wow, what despair.

Adviser B: Horrible. Stabbings on the streets. People dont feel safe walking in the city.

Adviser A: Stupid. If things continues like this, theyll want us out of the Prime Ministers Residence. At one time, we could blame it all on Rabin, Peres and Barak. In the Second Lebanon War we lit bonfires in opposition to Ehud Olmert. We need to find some Israeli weakling we can blame for the violence.

Adviser B: Maybe we can say its because of the Oslo peace accords? They gave the Palestinians rifles that are now being turned on us.

Adviser A: Are you an idiot? There hasnt been a single rifle involved in this whole business.

Adviser B: What about the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005? That argument worked really well when the IDF had to launch operations against the Strip after Hamas took over. So the Palestinians are going on stabbing sprees because theyve gotten the idea that if they use violence, the Jews will run away. But we wont run away!

Adviser A: Thats weak. Theyll say that in our six-and-a-half years in office, we should have already taught them otherwise.

Adviser B: Lets convene an international conference, like the one that followed the disturbances over the opening of the Western Wall tunnels in 1996 during Netanyahus first term. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in talks through the night with Kerry, Abbas and the king of Jordan.

Adviser A: What are you talking about with your international summits? The only person trying to get something going now is the UN secretary generals emissary, that Bulgarian guy. Whats his name?

Adviser B: Kerry can certainly be convinced. Hes naïve enough to be convinced to undertaken some kind of shuttle diplomacy.

Adviser A: You should have heard how he talked to Netanyahu at their last meeting.

Adviser B: So lets have it the other way around. They are stabbing people because the world isnt reacting. The world remains silent. Theyre slaughtering Jews again and the world doesnt utter a peep, like back then. But now we have an army.

Adviser A: And then another 44 seconds of silence like at Netanyahus last UN speech?

Adviser B: We have a problem. What about the traitorous left wing? After all, we have huge differences with them. Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni are giving the stabbers hope by continuing to talk about a Palestinian state. But wait, so now is Netanyahu for or against a Palestinian state?

Adviser A: A few days ago the partisan divide became an ocean of senseless disagreements. Besides, how can we point an accusing finger at a party that we are dying to bring into the government coalition?

Adviser B: What about Abbas?

Adviser A: What about him?

Adviser B: Hes encouraging violence with his rhetoric.

Adviser A: The heads of the Shin Bet security service and the army intelligence corps say hes working to stop the violence.

Adviser B: So what? The heads of the defense establishment also thought the nuclear agreement with Iran wasnt so bad. TI have an idea. Lets opt for renewing the peace talks. We will fight terrorism with everything weve got, but also address the deeper problems that are causing it.

Adviser A: Say, are you a far-left transplant? Even Herzog and Lapid arent saying a thing about the peace process.

Adviser B: So lets talk instead about incitement and ISIS and radical Islam.

Adviser A: ISIS. Thats good. We need to find some connection there with ISIS.

Adviser B: These are waves of extremist terrorism that arise from time to time, a natural force of some kind. No one blames the president of the United States when tornados touch down in America.

Adviser A: Looks like were headed in the right direction. When you talk about tornados, you mean keeping our heads down and waiting it out?

Raviv Drucker is a Channel 10 journalist.