There Is None More Seductive Than Chabad

Yossi Sarid
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Yossi Sarid

There's never been an abomination like this: The security guards at a shopping mall did not allow a "fine Jew" to enter. Yehoram Gaon saw "how they pushed a man with side curls" and he did not keep silent. In the bitterness of a radio discourse he spoke out and his historical memory led him straight to 1939, in Germany, and hats off to the entertainer and Honorary Consul of Honduras.

One man was denied entry and ire rained down on the entire ethnic group of Ramat Aviv, which is known as a particularly anti-Semitic one. It would be better to remain in Ukraine and cling to the horns of Rabbi Nachman's grave there. And anyone who has traveled to the Euro League games in Krakow and Kharkiv shouldn't hurry back here. In just a little while they will be cutting off side curls and ritual fringes here and the humiliated will be deported to Sudan.

As it says in Jeremiah 1:14, "Out of the north an evil shall break forth." North Tel Aviv, that is. How has it happened that a respectable neighborhood has become a bastion of self-hating Jews who would not hesitate to make mincemeat of the keepers of the faith? I sometimes go there, after having joined the ranks of the givers of blood and urine to the health maintenance organization. And this what I see with my own eyes:

Chabadniks are storming the castle. If they can cast shame on the people inside,they will succeed in toppling an entire bastion of secularism. They do not live here nor do they intend to saw their houses off their foundations and transport them here; they are visitors who are insisting on driving in a stake and replacing the tent.

This is their hunting ground. One trap has been laid at the commercial center. If the passerby does not take heed, he will immediately be netted in tefillin straps and fall plundered into the phylactery boxes for the forehead and the arm. They are laying a second trap near the schools; it is easier to hunt souls when they are tender.

But the inhabitants of Ramat Aviv also want to educate their children in their own way. And not in the Chabad way, which defines Zionism as "idolatry" and "a bitter exile" and has seen the establishment of the state as a "crime." Hasidism has never allowed a foothold in its institutions to anyone who represents a different opinion. Their children are sacred, ours are profane.

As in the Song of Songs 4:11, they have honey and milk beneath their tongues but they will conceal the poison until they swallow their prey.

There are still Israelis, and I know some, who do not see a flesh and blood rabbi, the one who is buried in Brooklyn and didn't die in Jerusalem, as King Messiah. In his death as in his life, the leader of Chabad, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is prepared to shed our blood for every clod of earth, on which he never set foot.

I too was once seduced into believing that "Chabad is an apolitical movement," as Wikipedia in Hebrew is pleased to depict it. That was until the elections in 1996 came along and debunked yet another false belief: "Netanyahu is good for the Jews," the Lubavitchers chorused loudly from one end of greater Israel to the other. And Joseph Gutnick, the billionaire from Australia, funded the campaign at the command of his rebbe.

Since then I have been guarding my soul and keeping my distance from the duplicitous movement as if from idolatry. Chabad is proof that emissaries of holy commandments and good deeds will not be harmed - they even receive enhanced budgets - but they are greatly harmful. Their love of Israel always entails the exclusion of "others," be they Reform and Conservative Jews, Arabs, leftists or simply freethinking Jews - anyone who stands like a donkey in the Messiah's path and impedes his arrival.

There is no movement more missionary than Chabad, which every serious researcher, religious or secular, defines as a "cult"; there is none more seductive than Chabad, except perhaps Madonna. Its "mitzvah tank" ambushes sick people in their pain, mourners in their grief, soldiers in their camps, travelers wherever they are, minors in their innocence, and immigrants and tourists taking their first steps in the land. For there is no one like Chabad for sniffing out easy prey.

Why search high and low for evidence? They also fall upon me, in my own neighborhood, and try to measure my blood pressure with their head-and-arm kit; and I, too, expel them.

Though a shopping mall is not a home, it is a part of the castle.