Blame Facebook for Donald Trump and Brexit

The site threatens to impose a world order that is racist, separatist, militant, tribal and religious, and to dismantle any universal, humanist and liberal identity.

A Trump supporter argues with an anti-Trump protester outside where U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was speaking in Denver, July 1, 2016.
Chris Schneider/Reuters

Polls show that most of the Jewish public in Israel opposes the reconciliation agreement with Turkey, since it doesn’t include the return of the bodies of missing soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, held by Hamas.

This opposition is rooted in deep ignorance, because the Turks cannot force Hamas to return the bodies: Any agreement to do so would require negotiations that would also oblige Israel to make concessions to Hamas. And in any case, it’s obvious that the diplomatic and strategic benefit of the agreement with Turkey – for all Israelis – is far greater than casting it aside because of a foolish insistence on bringing back two-year-old remains for burial in Israel.

This widespread opposition to the agreement is not the result of a campaign by the mainstream media.

Newspapers, radio stations and leading television channels in Israel all came out in support of the rapprochement.

The opposition stemmed from false information disseminated on Facebook and consumed by people who do not believe in the mainstream media, do not listen to it, or are not exposed to it at all.

The day after British citizens voted to leave the European Union, the second most popular search question on Google in the United Kingdom was, “What is the EU?” In first place was the question “What happens if we leave the EU?” And in third place was “What countries are members of the EU?”

If you think these questions show the ignorance of the voters – who only a few hours earlier had voted firmly for Brexit – bear in mind that the question “What happens if we leave the EU?” more than tripled on Google in the eight hours after the polls closed. And the question “What is Brexit?” was placed second in terms of the number of Googles about the EU.

This information clearly shows that many of the “leave” voters didn’t really understand what they were voting for, didn’t accept the information from the mainstream media and relied on misinformation they had received on Facebook.

This is also true for many of the voters of presumptive U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It’s difficult to be a consumer of the mainstream media in the United States and be in favor of Trump. His obvious personality disorders make him completely unfit for the presidency.

He has no consistent opinion on any issue and most of his opinions are groundless, anyway.

Any voter who bases his or her worldview on interaction with the mainstream media knows all this. But the worldview of many of Trump’s voters is molded by Facebook.

This is the same Facebook that molds the views of jihadists in the Western world, and allows radical Islamic terror to spread its ideology and incitement.

Facebook has managed to so weaken the mainstream media that it threatens to impose a world order that is racist, separatist, militant, tribal and religious, and overflowing with verbal violence, and to dismantle any universal, humanist and liberal identity.

The Facebook mob promotes policies and leaders infected with stupidity and destructiveness. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of Mark Zuckerberg – to share, make friends, click Likes and cross borders.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment that is obviously not feasible: what if we closed Facebook? It seems that the world would only benefit.

This way, the moral landslide under which we’re being buried would be halted.