Biden, Don’t Forget About the Holocaust

Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher
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President-elect Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the PM's official residence in Jerusalem, March 9, 2010.
President-elect Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the PM's official residence in Jerusalem, March 9, 2010. Credit: RONEN ZVULUN/ REUTERS
Rogel Alpher
Rogel Alpher

From the moment it looked like Joe Biden won the presidential election, and particularly after the major U.S. news media declared him the winner, Israeli society has been on the defensive and anticipating the worst.

But how could anyone want to thwart Biden’s objections to any official annexation moves (since the common refrain of his “positive” record during the dozens of years he spent in Congress make it clear he has no problem with de facto occupation, just like the rest of the centrist establishment in the Democratic Party), or his wishes to resume the nuclear deal, albeit an expanded version, with Iran? This is where the Holocaust reflex immediately goes into action.

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In an article he had published on Channel 12’s website, veteran analyst Ehud Yaari said Israel must strive for immediate understandings with Biden’s closest advisers. “The people they need to approach are firstly Antony Blinken, his national security adviser-to-be. … Blinken said recently that his Jewish stepfather raised him on the story of his suffering in the Majdanek death camp in Poland.”

You must internalize what is being said here – that the quintessential message buried deep in the hearts of the Israeli collective is that the Jews of Israel at the end of 2020 are still remnants of the death camps, a nation rescued from the flames. As such, they reserve the right to commit emotional blackmail.

So the sticking point has been found: The stepfather of his candidate to serve as national security adviser raised him on stories of the suffering he endured at Majdanek. This is very valuable intelligence. A person raised on the horror at Majdanek would certainly act on Israel’s behalf, perhaps even signal a willingness to be its agent in the administration. Would it be possible for him to show President Biden photographs of the death camp? But not too many so that it doesn’t look too suspicious, but maybe two or three a day?

Certainly. Nonchalantly, in a matter-of-fact way, deftly and slyly. To send him one by WhatsApp each morning and paste another on the mirror where he brushes his teeth at night. Let him remember. Take it into account. So that while he’s pondering solutions to issues from Shoafat to Yitzhar, let him see Muslims before his eyes during the meetings with Iran. While it’s too bad that Blinken’s Jewish stepfather didn’t survive Auschwitz, we can suffice with Majdanek. Joe, don’t forget Majdanek.

And if we’re already dealing with Majdanek, what’s Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband’s name? The name is seldom mentioned because it’s irrelevant. What’s important to Israeli journalists on Twitter is that her husband is Jewish. An assimilated Jew who married a gentile, as Yinon Magal said.

And yet, we ought to ask our man in the White House, Blinken, to start sending him photographs from Majdanek. So he’ll know where he comes from. So he may reconnect with his roots. So he may remember who he is. And then, to ease his conscience and guilt feelings over his treachery, he can go to the embassy in Washington and offer some assistance.

While the new administration is putting together its Middle East policy, his job will be to sit on his bed at night and weep and wail loudly. When the Black shiksa wakes up and asks him what’s happened, he can explain to her that he’s remembered Majdanek and beg her not to force Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians. Kamala, there are worst things than being a Black woman in the United States. For example, being a Jew at a death camp, let’s put things into perspective. Jews suffered more than you did!

Israel, you’ll never walk alone. You’ll always have Majdanek.

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